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Studying at HTWD

Join Averil at the HTWD and get an insight into the laboratories and lecture halls of the university and the student life in Dresden. Studying at the HTWD is characterised by practice-oriented teaching in small study groups and intensive support from the teaching staff.

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**ÖFFENTLICH**Studying at HTW Dresden - University of Applied Sciences

Study programmes at HTWD


Application as an international prospective student

uni-assist e.V. Application Portal


+++Current consultation hours: Tuesday and Thursday 1 to 3 p.m. by previous appointment via e-mail or by arrangement

+++If you have any questions regarding your application, please send them to our Student Service Office at the following e-mail address: studentensekretariat(at), indicating your application number.

Requirements for application at HTWD

Here you can check whether you have direct access to university:

The study programmes Master International Management and Master Environmental Engineering are taught in English. Most other study programmes are taught in German. So you need very good knowledge of German language which has to be proven by acknowledged Language certificate. You can check about language requirements at the website of your intended study programme.

My application for full time degree studies at HTWD

International applicants with an international university entrance qualification can apply to HTWD via uni-assist

Please note: International applicants with a German Abitur or a German Bachelor's degree apply via the university portal.

Please note the special regulation for these German taught Bachelor programs:

International applicants for first semester need to apply as follows:
  1. Registration at Hochschulstart portal

  2. Application at

Study programmes of the Faculty of Design
Please note the deadline for the suitability test:


summer semester: November 30th of the previous year
winter semester: June 15th of the same year 

The date of the receipt of the complete documents and the payment of the fee by uni-assist is pivotal. Apply early so you still have time to submit any missing documents in due time.


fee must be paid for the examination of an application in the uni-assist procedure.


  • 1 passport copy
  • the original higher education entrance qualification with overview of the modules and the grades and its sworn translation (German/English)
  • German Language certificate / for English courses of study: English Language certificate
  • for previous university studies: Bachelor certificate with overview of the modules and the grades and its sworn translation (German/English)
  • applicants from India, PR China and Vietnam: Confirmation of Academic Evaluation Body (APS)

Please use the online application in the portal My assist. It is possible to apply online only at Uni-assist portal.


In the case of creditable academic achievements from a previous university course, it is possible to apply for a higher semester. Please submit a complete, current overview of the grades of your previous studies as well as the module descriptions of the content and scope of the courses of your previous studies to Uni-assist. You can obtain these officially certified certificates from the Examination Office of your previous university.

Applicants with a refugee background who do not have certificates or overviews of grades can still apply via the uni-assist applicant portal. Please send all existing certificates with your application online to uni-assist. You will then receive a self-disclosure form from uni-assist e.V. The self-disclosure form will then enable the HTWD to assess your ability to study at the HTWD.


Your documents will be checked after they have been received and after uni-assist e.V. has received the application fee. Here we check for completeness, subject-specific and linguistic admission requirements for the course of study applied for. If your documents meet the formal admission requirements, uni-assist e.V. willforward your documents to the HTWD. You will receive information about this from uni-assist e.V.

If you do not yet meet the admission requirements, uni-assist e.V. will inform you accordingly and ask you to submit the required documents.

As the result of your application, HTWD will send you an email with a link and access data. With this, you log in to the application portal of HTWD. You will find all further information about the admission procedure in this portal.

A Studienkolleg is an educational institution at which international applicants can prepare for studying at a German university. Before the preparatory courses begin, an aptitude test must be taken, which is held about four weeks before the course begins.

Beginner training in German language is not carried out at the Studienkolleg. The Studienkolleg for the HTWD is located at the Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz. Alternatively, you can visit the TUDIAS institute, which charges a fee.
The registration for the Studienkolleg Zittau/Görlitz is made by the HTWD after a proper application for a study place.

Studienkolleg: FSP-Kurs (Duration: 2 semesters)

Target group: Applicants for a bachelor's or diploma degree in German
Applicants with a foreign higher education entrance qualification (HZB), which is not equivalent to the German one, attend the preparatory course and conclude with the "Feststellungsprüfung" (FSP).
The applicant must present the German Certificate B1.

Language course German (Duration: 1 semester)

Target groups: Applicants for a Master's course in German or a Bachelor's or Diploma course in German, whereby the applicant's higher education entrance qualification (HZB) is equivalent to that of the German HZB.
The participants of the language course prepare for passing the German Language Examination for University Admission (DSH-2).
The applicant must present the German Certificate B2.

Organisation of my stay

The current academic year schedule ("Studienjahresablaufplan") can be found on the Student Services page.

Please check the immigration formalities available from the Federal Foreign Office. Information is also available from the German missions in your home country. Leave enough time to complete all the necessary steps, such as obtaining a passport and arranging insurance and the permits, before leaving your home country. For the timely application of the entry visa at the responsible diplomatic representation of the Federal Republic of Germany in the home country, the study applicant receives a certificate for the application of a visa for the purpose of study in Germany after examination of the study conditions on the basis the submitted application documents.


Students from the European Union, the European Economic Area and some other countries can enter without a visa.


An entry visa for study purposes is required for international applicants who are not nationals of a Member State of the European Union and stay longer than 3 months.


Find out in good time about the entry requirements that apply to your country. You can find an overview of visa requirements/exemptions for entry into Germany on the website of the Federal Foreign Office.A tourist visa does not entitle you to direct study, nor can it be converted into a residence permit or a visa for study purposes in Germany!


There is no tuition fee at HTWD, but a semester fee is charged (approx. 290 EUR). The semester fee includes contributions to the Studentenwerk, the Studentenrat and the semester ticket for free use of public transport in the Verkehrsverbund Oberelbe (VVO).   Please note, however, that in special cases secondary tuition fees or long-term tuition fees may be charged.


For living expenses in Dresden, you can expect to spend around 600-800 euros per month, depending on your individual lifestyle. 

Please plan on the following monthly expenses for your studies in Dresden:

  • rent 300 EUR on average
  • living expenses 200 EUR
  • health insurance 110 EUR (if required, non-EU students)
  • public broadcasting fee 17,50 EUR*

You will also have the following costs per semester:

  • semester fee (including semester ticket) 290 EUR (as of March 2021).
  • deposit for the dormitory 300 EUR** 
  • study materials 50 EUR***
  • residence permit 100 EUR (if required, non-EU students)

* Mandatory payment as soon as you have rented a room somewhere in Germany. After receiving a request from the "Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk" (contribution service of ARD, ZDF, Deutschlandradio) a legally fixed contribution for public radio and television has to be paid, amounting to 17,50 EUR per month per apartment. This fee is divided by the number of roommates in the apartment.

** The dormitory requires a deposit in the beginning with the first payment, which will be refunded at the end of the contract period if you leave the room clean and without damages.

*** Our university library offers many books and e-books, magazines and online databases for free. You decide which book you want to buy yourself anyway, but you have no obligation to buy books. You can work with our books in the library.

International applicants are advised to inform themselves about scholarship opportunities for the duration of their studies before arriving in Germany and before beginning their studies at the HTWD. The following databases are useful aids for finding scholarships:


The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers (international) students the opportunity to find nationwide scholarships within the framework of a scholarship database according to their individual field of study and study phase.

Stipendienlotse (BMBF)
The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) offers an interactive platform with its scholarship pilot, on which you can find a suitable scholarship according to your desired criteria. The comprehensive scholarship database can be filtered according to many different criteria. The scholarship controller is the central point of contact for national and international scholarships in the private and public sector.

For more information please watch the video about  “How do I finance my studies in Germany” by Deutsches Studierendenwerk. 

International students have the opportunity to take up gainful employment (part-time job) during their studies in Germany. The following legal framework conditions apply:

INTERNATIONAL DEGREE STUDENTS from the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom or the United Kingdom may take up gainful employment while studying without a permit. Here, however, the regulation applies that this does not exceed more than 20 hours per week to withdraw from the contribution payments into the statutory pension insurance.

INTERNATIONAL DEGREE STUDENTS from countries not listed here

may work for 140 full days and 280 half days per calender year. 
A notification to the local immigration office is mandatory >> Ausländerbehörde Dresden.

The “Jobbörse” at HTW Dresden offers an overview of part-time jobs, internships or positions for final theses in companies. Registration job exchange:

The DAAD offers additional information on this subject.

In Germany, all students must have health insurance. When matriculating as a student at the HTWD, proof of health insurance must be presented.

Please note: You can take out statutory health insurance after your arrival with healthcare providers (Techniker Krankenkasse, AOK Plus, Barmer, etc.) in Dresden. Participants of the Welcome Week have the opportunity to take out German statutory health insurance on site.


If you are from an EU country or from a country with which Germany has concluded a social security agreement (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) you need to apply for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in your home country before you depart to Germany. Please note that the EHIC is only valid for a temporary stay abroad and only includes necessary medical services. Please ask your health insurance in your home country about your insurance cover in Germany and apply for the EHIC in good time. Your will need this card when seeking medical care in Germany.

The European Commission has developed a Smartphone App which explains how to use the EHIC in different countries. It also provides general information on the insurance card, emergency numbers, treatments and costs included, procedures for claiming reimbursement and contact information in the event of card loss. The app is available for both iPhone and Android (enter "EHIC" as search).


Students from non-EU countries can also take out a German statutory health insurance (e.g. AOK, Techniker Krankenkasse, Barmer...) if you do not have a valid health insurance. The monthly cost for a German health insurance (including nursing care insurance) for students is about 110 Euro. Your enrollment is not complete until you provide proof of a valid health insurance. In order to take out a statutory health insurance, you will be required to present your certificate of enrolment from HTW Dresden.

In some cases, a private health insurance from other countries may be recognised in Germany. If you have already taken out a private health insurance for your stay in Germany, please contact one of the German statutory health insurance companies to see if your private health insurance is recognized. If so, you will need a written confirmation that you are exempt from compulsory statutory health insurance and send this document to the International Office at HTWD via email.

Please note:

  • If you are privately insured, you cannot switch to a statutory health insurance for the duration of your studies.
  • If you have a private health insurance, you will have to pay in advance for all medical services and medication in Germany and then request reimbursement from your health insurance provider in your home country.

When issuing the residence permit, the Dresden Immigration Office also checks whether your private health insurance is sufficient for the stay in Germany and corresponds to the scope of a statutory health insurance in Germany.

We recommend that you take out travel insurance for both your journey to Germany and your return journey to your home country. However, travel insurance does not replace health insurance!

You can find more information about health insurance in Germany on the pages of the DAAD.


During your studies at HTWD you can live in a student residence of the Studentenwerk Dresden (rental period at least 4 months). You can register directly at the Studentenwerk Dresden using the online application procedure.

To apply, you will need one of the following documents, which will be made available to you in the applicant portal of HTWD once you have received your place on the course:

  • for degree programs with restricted admission: Copy of the admission letter
  • for non-restricted degree programs: Dormitory eligibility proof (available as download after you have completed the online enrollment)

You can find detailed information on the various types of accommodation and the application form (online application procedure) at:

If you arrive outside the arrival times specified by the Studentenwerk Dresden, we recommend that you stay for the first night at the International Guest house of the Studentenwerk Dresden, a hotel or youth hostel in Dresden. The A&O Hostel/Hotel near the HTW Dresden is located only 500 m from Dresden Central Station.


If you prefer to live in a shared apartment, you can find information in Facebook groups or on the following websites:

       TU Dresden WG Börse facebook Gruppe

ATTENTION: Please do not make any advance payments, e.g. for a deposit or rent, before you have personally viewed your accommodation on site. 


For study stays of up to 3 months there is the possibility of accommodation in the International Guest House of the Studentenwerk Dresden. As the capacity of the International Guest House is limited, you should contact your academic advisor or the International Office of the HTW Dresden in good time.


NP One (1 to 3 rooms, fully furnished, minimum rental period of 9 months)


The public broadcasting services in Germany offer a high-quality information and entertainment programme as well as independent reporting – on the radio, television and internet. This programming is made possible by the licence fee, which is currently 17.50 euros per month. As part of a contributory financing model, everyone is obligated in principle to pay this fee.

Even you, as students and apprentices, are required to pay it in principle if you live in your own dwelling and not with your parents, for example. However, under certain conditions, you can apply for an exemption from the licence fee.

More Information

Please check whether further insurance, like liability or houshold insurance is necessary for you. For example, high costs may be charged if keys are lost. In this case, liability insurance will apply.


Arrival at HTWD

The HTWD offers quality educational experiences with practical relevance while still maintaining a well-balanced and healthy student life.

Majed Al Medawar, degree student at HTW Dresden
[Translate to English:] Student im Labor

There are several options for your journey to Dresden.

By airplane

  • Airlines offer daily worldwide connections to and from Dresden. Direct flights to Dresden are available from airports such as Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne/Bonn, Düsseldorf and Amsterdam.
  • Dresden Airport is about 30 minutes by car from the city center and is located directly on the A4 highway.
  • Deutsche Bahn trains run regularly between the airport and Dresden's main train station.
  • The airports of Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt am Main are also easily accessible from Dresden. These cities are connected to Dresden by train and long-distance bus lines.

By train

  • Intercity and Intercity-Express (IC/ICE) trains operated by Deutsche Bahn connect Dresden with almost all major European cities.
  • Dresden's main train station is located in the center of the city. Numerous regional and suburban train connections link Dresden with the immediate surroundings.

By long-distance bus

  • A fast, inexpensive and direct connection between Dresden and major cities such as Berlin, Munich, Vienna and Prague is also offered by traveling by long-distance bus from Dresden Central Station (Bayerische Straße, 01069 Dresden) or Dresden-Neustadt Station (Schlesischer Platz, 01099 Dresden).
  • From here you can use, for example, FlixBus bus connections to German and European cities.  

By car

  • You can reach Dresden via the A4 and A17 freeways.

Additional travel information can be found on the following pages:


At the beginning of each semester there is a welcome week for our new international students. The week is organized in cooperation with the student association faranto e.V. and the HTWD. This usually takes place one week before the start of the courses.

International students are strongly advised to take part in the welcome week. The welcome week includes, among other things:

  • an overview of the HTW Dresden
  • introduction to Career Service for international students
  • introduction to the University Library
  • introduction to German and foreign language courses of the Language Centre
  • take out health insurance (if necessary)
  • help with formalities for the citizens' office of Dresden

Please refer to the schedule of the welcome week for exact time and place details, which will be published online and via e-mail shortly before the start of the semester.

Please bring the following documents with you to the welcome week:

  • valid passport or identity card
  • valid visa for study purposes (if required)
  • rental agreement
  • proof of health insurance
  • cash to pay the semester fee (only for students from non-EU countries; EU students pay by bank transfer before the start of the semest


The association faranto e.V. organizes a buddy program for international exchange students. You will receive further information by e-mail before you start your studies abroad at the HTWD.

The Studentenwerk Dresden has created a checklist to support you prepare for your stay and your arrival in Dresden.

During the application and enrolment process, you will be in contact with the Student Secretariat and will be asked to submit certain documents for your enrolment at the HTWD.

These are usually:

  • Proof of payment of the semester fee
  • Proof of health insurance valid for Germany
  • For non-EU citizens: Visa for study purposes or residence permit
  • If applicable, certification of certificates

If all documents are complete, we will send your student ID card and other enrolment documents to your German address or you can collect the documents in person from the Student Secretariat (Z221).

Students at HTWD receive a student card in the form of a chip card at the beginning of their studies and serves as:

  • Student ID 
  • library card
  • Access authorization card for entrance in the university buildings and selected laboratory areas

Furthermore you may receive a discount with your HTWD student card in some places like museums, cinemas and zoos.

Terms and conditions of the semester ticket (Deutschlandsemesterticket) from summer semester 2024

The semester ticket

  • is only valid in combination with a valid identity document;
  • is non-transferable and does not permit the transport of additional people; and
  • does not permit the transport of bicycles or dogs.

The semester ticket is valid

  • in the winter semester from 01.09. until 28./29.02.;
  • in the summer semester from 01.03. until 31.08..

The semester ticket is primarily provided digitally to be accessed on a mobile device.
To do this, you must log in to the following platform using your university login:

Accessing the digital ticket: [LINK]

The semester ticket is valid within the area of validity according to the tariff regulations of the Deutschlandticket.

In short, the ticket is valid throughout Germany for local public transport (ÖPNV) and local railway transport (SPNV), i.e. for:

  • Commuter trains (RegionalExpress, RegionalBahn or S-Bahn) in 2nd class
  • trams
  • underground trains
  • city and regional buses
  • most ferries
  • bicycle rental (MOBIbike/nextbike)

The ticket is not valid for intercity trains (ICE, IC, EC) and for most special transport services.

Detailed information can be found on the StuRa website: 


If you stay longer than 3 months you have to register and report your address at the

Resident Registration Office of Dresden 
Theaterstr. 11
01067 Dresden.

The same applies if you move house within Dresden. Please always do remember to notify all important authorities (HTWD, health insurance, etc.) of your new address.

Due to the Corona pandemic, it is necessary to make an appointment in advance, either by e-mail:, phone: +49 351 4 88 60 70 or via the online appointment system.

In order to register, you need: 

  • passport or identification card
  • rental contract
  • Landlord's certificate/housing confirmation

Students from non-EU countries who stay longer than three months are obliged to apply for a residency permit for academic purposes at the Immigration Authority of Dresden within the first three months after entering Germany.

Please note: EU citizens and citizens of an EEA country do not need a residence permit for Germany!

Address: Immigration Authority Dresden, Theaterstrasse 13/15, 01067 Dresden, Room E/056

To arrange an appointment, please use the contact form on the website or via email ("").

Fill in the residence permit application beforehand and hand it in at the Immigration Authority together with the following documents:

  • administrative charge (100 EUR in cash or ec-cash)
  • contract of tenancy with proof of the rent (original and copy) sublease contract or approval of the owner of the flat
  • current proof of adequate health insurance (original and copy)
  • proof of secured livelihood (original and copy), for example scholarship or private savings
  • hint for sublet: The apartment donors certificate of the main tenant is not enough.
  • scholarships commitments, existing declarations of obligation, other income (original and copy)
  • certificate of enrollment (enrollment or admission)(original and copy)
  • current biometric photo (not older than 6 months)
  • current valid / new passport or passport replacement document
  • fully completed application form

If you do not have a bank account in EURO currency, it is necessary to open a German bank account to, among others, debit the rent for example. Normally students are exempt from account maintenance fees. Please bring the following documents with you when opening the account:

  • valid passport or identity card
  • Registration/confirmation of registration from the Dresden Citizens' Office
  • Letter of admission/certificate of enrollment

Various banks are represented in Dresden, including Commerzbank (online), Deutsche Bank (online), or Sparkasse (service).

Scouting DD – especially for international students

To create a level playing field for students when starting their careers, the Career Service offers international students special services and comprehensive advice.

In the new project Scouting DD, the Career Service supports international students in application procedures, job search, the search for internships, and the supervision of final theses in companies.

The Career Service networks international students with Dresden companies. We accompany the application process with coaching and advice and are also present at the company if necessary.

You find information on the subject of applications and career entry on the career service website and in the e-modules in the opal course of the career service. English workshops you find in the calendar of events.


Career Service Webseite:

The Language Center of HTWD offers free language courses in "German as a Foreign Language (DaF)", English, French and Spanish in the winter and summer semesters. The levels of the language courses are defined on the basis of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). If you successfully complete one of these language courses, you can earn ECTS credits for it. 

In order to take a language course, it is essential that you attend the information sessions during the Welcome Week. You will receive further information on this shortly before the start of the Welcome Week.

You can find more information on the homepage of the Language Center.
Information for new international students

The Studentenwerk Dresden offers all students a variety of catering options at a reasonable price. For cashless payment you will receive the MensaCard Emeal at the cash desks. You can obtain the MensaCard Emeal for a deposit of 5.00 EUR and presentation of your HTWD student ID as well as your ID card or passport at the cash desks. Information about locations of canteens, cafeterias and menus can be found on the website of the Studentenwerk Dresden. The cafeteria "Matrix" is a 5-minute walk from HTWD.



The Dresden University Sports Center (DHSZ) organizes many and varied sports courses for thousands of students and employees of Dresden's universities every semester. The Dresden University Sports Center is a joint central facility for university sports of the TU Dresden as well as the HTWD. The range of sports offered is one of the largest and most diverse in university sports in Germany. Here you can find sports from A like Aerobic Boxing to Z like Zumba. Please refer to the information of the Dresden University Sports Center for the current offer.


During the semester the student association faranto e.V. offers several events in social, hiking, trips and party. In addition, the Studentenwerk Dresden Culture Office promotes the cultural and artistic interests of students. Every Wednesday during the semester the international coffee hour takes place from 5:00 p.m. till 7:00 p.m. at the StudentenwerksForum (Schnorrstr. 8). Interested students have the chance to discover other cultures and meet new people over a cup of coffee.

Student clubs (Did you know? Dresden has the most student clubs in Germany.)


  • Saxon State Opera Dresden › The Saxon State Opera Dresden is not only responsible for the world famous Semper Opera House, but it also runs the ”Kleine Szene”, and the chamber music hall of the Semper Opera.
  • State Operetta Dresden › Dresden‘s State Operetta offers operettas, broadway musicals, and rock operas.
  • Drama › The State Theatre shows classical theatre, contemporary pieces, matinées, and musical concerts.
  • Landesbühnen Sachsen › The Landesbühnen Sachsen are based in Radebeul but also maintain the Felsenbühne Rathen in Saxon Switzerland. Theatre plays, concerts, operas, and musicals are staged there throughout the summer.

More Theatres

Parties and Festivals

Information regarding events and festivals can be found at › 


  • Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden › With its interdisciplinary projects the HygieneMuseum deals with essential questions concerning the life sciences. The well-known permanent exhibit features the human body.
  • Old Masters Picture Gallery › The collection displayed in the Semper building at the Zwinger comprises masterpieces of 15th to 18th century European painting.
  • New Masters Gallery › The gallery at the Albertinum at Brühl’s Terrace exhibits masterpieces of the 19th to 21st century.
  • Green Vault › The fairytale-like world-known treasure chamber of Augustus the Strong is located in the Historic Green Vault in the Dresden Castle (time-limited, buy in advance). Additionally, the New Green Vault offers the possibility to view more than 1,000 inestimably precious exhibits.
  • Botanical Garden › The Botanical Garden of TU Dresden shows around 10,000 kinds of plants from different climate zones and different regions of the world – altogether in an area of 3.25 ha close to Großer Garten.

If you should be in need of psychological counseling during your studies please contact the Psycho-social Counseling by Studentenwerk Dresden.

You can make a personal consultation appointment by e-mail. Please briefly describe your concerns and they will respond promptly with a suggested appointment or, if capacity is limited, with a referral.


Studentenwerk Dresden offers competent legal advice (fees are included in your semester fees) for students.

Do you need advice on personal legal matters?
Studentenwerk Dresden provides you with expert legal advice on the following topics:

  • Higher education law with a focus on admission law and examination law
  • Civil law with a focus on tenancy law and contract law
  • BAföG
  • Labour law
  • Broadcasting fee law
  • Anti-discrimination

More information and contact

Information on study schedule, examinations and re-registration

More Information

More information

We will be happy to advise you personally: