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HAW.International "Future.East"

Within the project "Future.East - HTW Dresden regional and international" new international study formats are developed and tested. Developments in interdisciplinary and practice-oriented subjects are promoted. The focus is on cooperation with international university partners in Mongolia, Vietnam and Georgia.

The project is fully funded by the DAAD programme HAW.International. HAW.International is a funding programme for the internationalisation of universities of applied sciences and universities of applied sciences (HAW/FH). It includes funding for individual students, model projects for internationalisation and a dialogue, advisory and support service.

Archaeology is the only historical science that has a constantly growing corpus of sources and data at its disposal. New discoveries are constantly being made during construction work or research projects and remains of human history are documented. Because large amounts of data are involved, archaeologists have used and appreciated the support of information technology from an early stage. In recent decades, the constant and increasingly inexpensive availability of computing power and innovative software has allowed for progressive digitisation, research, teaching and communication of archaeological contexts. This process is in full swing in all institutions involved in archaeology, from the university to the monument preservation authorities and museums. Increasingly, interdisciplinarily trained specialists are needed to critically accompany the technological as well as the social, cultural and scientific-theoretical aspects of this change.

Project objectives:

  • establishment of an applied, international, interdisciplinary study programme named "Archaeoinformatics" at HTW Dresden - University of Applied Sciences and the Mongolian State University
  • promotion of the interdisciplinary and international exchange of researchers, teachers and students
  • intensification of Mongolian-German cooperation in the cultural and educational sector

The project is carried out in cooperation with the Mongolian State University, the Karakorum Museum and the German Archaeological Institute. The programme will start in winter semester 2022/23 on a smaller scale as a semester programme/international track with 30 ECTS. The aim is to impart basic knowledge from the fields of computer science and geoinformation, as well as application knowledge specifically geared to the needs of archaeology.

In order to initiate the exchange and cooperation, the project includes annual excursions with students of the HTW Dresden - University of Applied Sciences to Mongolia and project weeks in Dresden with study groups from Mongolia.

Contact Faculty of Informatics/Mathematics:

Academic Project Manager: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Marco Block-Berlitz 
Research Associate: Dr. Hendrik Rohland

The Faculty of Civil Engineering has an international leading position in the field of groundwater management, riverbank filtration and groundwater recharge. Hence, the summer school will strengthen its reputation in the field of groundwater management and enable new cooperation, including the involvement of national and international lecturers. Thereby, the expertise of the lecturers of the INOWAS group of the TU Dresden will be incorporated. The summer school is also intended to be used to expand the web presence on the topic and to establish further demonstration sites for Managed Aquifer Recharge in Asia. Since 2012, the HTW Dresden has been operating a demonstration site for riverbank filtration in Haridwar, India, acknowledged by the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH), the Centre of Competence for Riverbank Filtration and the National Institute of Hydrology in Roorkee. These networks will be expanded and extended to other countries in Asia.

The summer school is at the same time an opportunity for the internationalisation of the M.Sc. Program "Sustainable strengthening and construction in existing buildings" of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. The students enrolled at the HTW Dresden for their B.Sc. and M.Sc. courses can also participate and prepare for projects abroad within the framework of their final thesis.

Project objectives:

  • promotion of the interdisciplinary and international exchange of researchers, teachers and students
  • implementation of a two-week international summer school "Managed Aquifer Recharge" (MARISS, 2020-2023)
  • expansion of the riverbank filtration network (RBF) with national and international partners
  • expansion of research cooperation with Vietnam
  • establishment and support of RBF demonstration sites in Asia
  • internationalisation of the M.Sc. program "Sustainable strengthening and construction in existing buildings”

More information

Contact Faculty of Civil Engineering, Division of Water Sciences:

Acamdemic Project Manager: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Grischek
Research Associate: M.Sc. Cristina Sandhu

The scientific excellent, regionally oriented education at the Faculty of Informatics/Mathematics is being internationalised by the introduction of English-language courses and the increased promotion of student exchange. This will create intercultural enrichment and internationalisation at home and prepare graduates for the region's increasingly international medium-sized businesses. Especially within the framework of the Master's programme "Applied Information Technologies", English-language elective modules and international courses are to be developed:

  • offering international courses in the field of media and business informatics
  • implementation of digital teaching formats and virtual mobility
  • development of international study programmes and double degree programmes with university partners in Russia and Georgia
  • study trip to Tiflis/International Black Sea University und Georgian Technical University
  • study trip to Moscow/Russian University of Transport

Due to the current situation, project activities with partner institutions in the Russian Federation are suspended until further notice. Study trips to Russia will not take place.

Contact persons in the Faculty of Informatics/Mathematics:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mario Neugebauer (Department of Computer Science)
Prof. Dr. Elena Klimova (Department of Mathematics)

Future.East radiates from the faculties of Civil Engineering, Informatics/Mathematics and Spatial Information to the other faculties and implements innovation in the field of innovative technologies throughout the institution. International offers are not only designed as isolated solutions, but are made available to all students across faculties. In addition, the interdisciplinary character of the offers means that the entire university is directly involved in the development of the new international structures.


Students have, within the programme, the opportunity to participate in international excursions and summer schools and receive scholarships for a stay in Vietnam.

The programme "HAW.International: Congress- and fair travels" is part of the comprehensive programme initiative HAW.International, funded by the BMBF. With this programme initiative, the DAAD specifically supports members of universities of applied sciences (HAW/FH) in their stays abroad and in their cooperation with international partners.

The programme module "HAW.International: Congress- and fair travels" enables active participation in international conferences and fairs abroad. This program module is exclusively for members of HAWs and FHs.

Please apply directly via the DAAD.