Certificate Intercultural Competencies

The certificate intercultural competencies

"Promote international cooperation and interaction in a globalising world."

Marie U. (6. Semester International Business)
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As a student at HTW Dresden, the Certificate of Intercultural Competencies gives you the opportunity to develop intercultural key competences for your future career through extracurricular activities. Activities in the international field - stays abroad, language courses, intercultural training and involvement in the integration of fellow students from abroad with the student organisation faranto e.V. - are certified.

The certificate can be obtained by students from any subject area.


// Expansion of your own abilities: Intercultural competence as key competence
// Enrichment of the curriculum vitae: official proof for future employers
// Recognition of extra-curricular activities: Support of international engagement 


"The certificate has enabled me to think outside the box and immerse myself in and understand other cultures with tolerance and respect. You overcome barriers and can face challenges confidently when working in an international environment."

Teresa M. - studied in Riga for one exchange semes

"The certificate supports me in overcoming both actual and idealistic boundaries in order to build bridges and to navigate and network in a globalizing world."


Marie U. - spent her exchange semester in China
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Four components are essential for obtaining the Certificate of Intercultural Competencies:

  • Experiences abroad,
  • Language and communication,
  • Completion of the module Intercultural Communication Z 011 (summer semester),
  • Commitment at faranto e.V.
  • Study or internship abroad as well as a lecture about a stay abroad in the department and a field report
  • Alternative: Participation in a summer school or study trip with concluding lecture, field report or poster
  • Study integral language course at the HTW Dresden
  • Intensive language course within the HTW summer language school
  • English language course in addition to the regular curriculum
  • Language course abroad at a recognised language school

The module Intercultural Communication Z 011 is offered every summer semester by the Center for Interdisciplinary Education at the HTW Dresden for students of all disciplines. The module Z011 aims, among other things, at a practical consolidation of the acquired skills. The students act as far as possible on their own initiative and provide, for example, low-threshold offers for intercultural exchange with various cooperation partners, such as faranto e.V., StuRa, Referat Internationale Beziehungen or as university ambassadors for international conferences or affairs.
This commitment must be proven accordingly and integrated as a basis in the portfolio to be submitted. The portfolio shows the continuous and independent documentation and self-reflection of a specific topic based on the defined qualification goals.

You can find the latest dates and information on this website and on OPAL.

As part of the certificate, you will gain experience of how intercultural competence is practised at HTW Dresden. You will also come into contact with the international students at HTWD. This can take place in two equivalent ways, at least one of which should be chosen:

● Attending meetings (Tuesdays, 18.30, S 325) and events at faranto, the student initiative for intercultural understanding at HTWD

● Accompanying an international student over the semester as part of the faranto buddy programme and their day-to-day support and sponsorship



Students of all disciplines can acquire the Certificate of Intercultural Competencies.

The registration for the Certificate takes place with the submission of the proof of the completed components by mail (international(at)htw-dresden.de) or personally in the rooms of the International Office (Z 232) of the HTW Dresden.

After all proofs have been submitted to the International Office, the certificate will be issued and can be picked up or sent by mail after prior appointment.