Field of Action: Energy & Building

Around 70% (!) of all CO2eq emissions at HTWD are emitted through the operation of university buildings. It is therefore obvious that the "Energy & Construction" field of action has a major influence on HTWD's greenhouse gas balance. Saving energy is the easiest and quickest way to protect the climate and reduce our emissions. Even small measures can have an enormous impact on the greenhouse gas balance of our university. However, not every energy-saving measure is practical to implement.

Saving energy at the HTWD

Discover practical energy-saving tips! Here you will find tried and tested methods for saving energy and protecting the climate. From simple everyday habits to tips and tricks for energy-saving behaviour at university - you will find valuable tips for reducing your energy consumption.

  1. Control room temperature (thermostat level 3): 20 degrees Celsius
  2. Adjustment of the lighting by the Technology Department
  3. Reduction of heating during non-operating times (e.g. 21:00 - 06:00 on weekdays), unless teaching events are taking place
  4. Optimisation of air conditioning control
  5. On your own responsibility: switch off electrical appliances, lighting etc. when not in use if possible, efficient ventilation etc., reduce heating if possible during absences lasting several days