Field of Action: Waste & Waste Water

The wastewater & waste in the context of climate protection at HTWD covers the university's fresh and wastewater consumption as well as all waste generated. 


Waste separation at the HTWD

Almost a third of recyclable materials in Germany are not recycled. Recycling processes ensure a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. For example, the manufacture of products from recycled plastic produces 38% fewer emissions, while the recycling of aluminium even reduces emissions by 96%. Correct disposal and the resulting support for the circular economy therefore offer considerable potential for reducing emissions and conserving resources.

The topic of waste separation, which makes extensive recycling possible in the first place, will be one of the first measures to be implemented at the HTWD. The Technology Department is currently working on the procurement of recyclables collectors/waste separation. As part of this, waste bins are to be installed and, if necessary, collection points for the disposal of special products such as electronic devices and batteries are to be set up. 

But of course the same applies here: Avoiding waste is still better and more climate-friendly!