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German-Czech exchange

10 selected students of the HTWD went to Mladá Boleslav to the Skoda Auto University from 24-28 Apr 2023. From 23 - 27 Oct 2023, 10 selected students from Skoda Auto University then came to the HTW for a return visit.

They were guided through the week with a colorful program and learned not only about German culture at a simulated business dinner, but also about the political landscape during a visit to the Saxon Parliament or economic aspects at the Transparent Factory. A city rally brought them close to Dresden, and visits gave them a taste of university life in selected lectures.

Skoda Auto University is a partner university of HTW Dresden. Together, the two universities offer a double degree in industrial engineering.

The German-Czech Future Fund helps build bridges between Germans and Czechs. It provides targeted support for projects that bring the people of the two countries together and enable and deepen insights into the worlds in which they live, their shared culture and history. Since 1998, the Future Fund has provided a total of almost 74 million euros for around 12,600 projects.

HTW Dresden and Skoda Auto University in Mlada Boleslav have received further funding from the German-Czech Future Fund. In April 2024, we will be back to Mlada Boleslav. : https://bildungsportal.sachsen.de/opal/auth/RepositoryEntry/38617579522/CourseNode/1675222381666481004

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