Virtual reconstruction of the temple of the medieval Mongol capital Qara Qorum.
Dominik Klenk
Virtual reconstruction of the temple of the medieval Mongol capital Qara Qorum, created by procedural generation.

Invitation to the International Workshop: Applied Computer and Geosciences in Archaeology

Since last year, HTW Dresden has been working with partners, in particular the German Archaeological Institute, and the National University of Mongolia to develop a postgraduate, international Master’s programme in applied technologies in the field of archaeology.

The programme is designed to meet the growing demand for technical expertise in the field of documentation, research, mediation and data management of archaeological cultural heritage. To this end, the outstanding technical and engineering expertise at the HTW, especially from the faculties of Computer Science/Mathematics and Spatial Information, shall be used to offer a degree programme tailored to the needs in archaeological disciplines and fields of work in cooperation with national and international partners. The project is funded in the framwork oft he Future.EAST internationalization programme oft he HTW by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service).

In order to network the partner institutions more closely and to give interested students and instructors an insight into the topic, a workshop on applied Computer Science and Spatial Information in Archaeology will take place on Monday 05.07.2021 from 8:00 c.t. to approx. 12:30. After a general introduction by Dr. Benjamin Ducke (DAI), the participants will present various projects in this field from the participating universities and institutions. The presentations will take about 15 minutes each and will be held in english or german language.

Anyone interested in taking part in the workshop can register for participation by sending an email to archaeo(at)


Dr. phil. Hendrik Rohland

Dr. phil. Hendrik Rohland