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Science needs democracy and cosmopolitanism

The Dresden University of Applied Sciences (HTWD) is clearly and unequivocally committed to cosmopolitanism, tolerance and respect for human dignity and fundamental rights regardless of social, ethnic and religious background.

These values are set out in our mission statement and - like the freedom of teaching and research - are sacrosanct for us. 

Education, science and research require openness and diversity. New scientific findings and innovations can only emerge in a liberal and pluralistic society in which there is room for discourse and other ways of life and opinions are not only accepted and tolerated, but also viewed and included as beneficial factors. A culture of co-operation and exchange has always been a matter of course at our university. People from many different countries study, teach and research at HTWD. They are all part of the university community.  At the same time, many of our students and academics are welcomed in other countries. This exchange constantly provides new impetus and enriches our work. Xenophobia, violence and right-wing extremism must have no place in our minds or in our actions. This is what we stand for as a university.

As a university, we educate the next generation of academics in our society. As such, we also have the responsibility and the legal mandate to enable responsible behaviour in a liberal, democratic and social constitutional state through teaching and studying. After all, democracy can only succeed if people play an active and broad-based role in shaping it. 

The HTWD thus expressly endorses the statement of the German Rectors' Conference "Science needs liberal democracy and the rule of law". 

Together with 350 other academic institutions, the HTWD has also taken part in the nationwide media campaign "#Zusammenland - Vielfalt macht uns stark" (#Together - Diversity makes us strong) to send a signal in favour of freedom, diversity and a welcoming culture.

On 25 May 2024, a joint event of art and science institutions will take place in Dresden under the motto "Together for democracy - Dresden's science and culture invites you". The HTWD will also be taking part. Further information: dresden-concept.de/demokratie/


Created by Pressestelle |


M.A. Constanze Elgleb


M.A. Constanze Elgleb