Current timetable and room planning

Important instructions

There may still be changes during the current semester, especially with regard to online or face-to-face events. Therefore, please check your timetable regularly before the start of the course.

Please also note that an event marked as "online" will only take place virtually even if a room information is also displayed. The room serves as information for the teachers for the transmission location. Please coordinate with the lecturers whether you can use the room, especially if there is not enough time to switch from a face-to-face lecture.

For the faculties of agriculture/environment and design, please note the plans published separately.

Streaming of lectures

Some of the courses are also available as a parallel video stream. You will receive the link to the stream from your lecturer. In order to be able to follow the stream, a four-digit PIN must be entered. If you do not (any longer) know this PIN, you will find it here after logging in in the internal area here.