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 Do you want to transfer your research results into your own company?

  •  Do you want to establish a product/service on the market and get advice on it?

  •   Are you looking for a sparring partner to jointly analyse various application ideas for your research results and to derive the market opportunities for a successful spin-off?

Julia Lüpfert, Innovationsscout at the HTW Dresden


The graduate engineer in process engineering advises researchers at the HTW on all topics related to the exploitation of research results in a spin-off. Julia has valuable start-up experience, which she has gained in various start-ups since 2014. In addition to her work at the Gründungsschmiede, she has been successful on the market with her own company since 2018.
Email: julia.luepfert(at)htw-dresden.de

Workshops and events

Potential workshop for researchers

Generating ideas for practical application from research results

# Develop ideas
# assess potentials
# interactive workshop for 2-3 research groups
# all Informations here


HTW Transfer Day

The Transfer Day provides exciting contributions on the topic of 'Transfer of research results'.

# recognise the innovative potential of research results
# gain insights into best practices
# get to know the competences and know-how of the HTW
# for scientists and doctoral candidates

Successful spin-offs from science

With specially developed hardware and software, Semodia create a standardised communication interface between industrial plants and machines and thus enable the exchange of information between equipment from a wide range of manufacturers. The full story of the high-tech start-up in this founder portrait.


grünerdüngen has developed KleePura, the first regional and vegan organic fertiliser made from 100 % organic clover. The product was developed in a 4-year research project at the Chair of Organic Agriculture at HTW Dresden. Read more about the founding history of grünerdüngen in this founder portrait.


AidBoards develop, produce and distribute sustainable disposable furniture made of natural fibre materials for use in humanitarian aid and disaster management. The research project was developed at the Chair of Wood Technology and Fibre Materials Technology at TU Dresden. The complete development of AidBoards in this portrait.