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Alumni Story: Fabian Naumann from the Faculty of Geoinformation

Fabian Naumann studied cartography at HTW Dresden from 2006 to 2010. In 2011, together with geographers Mario Hehne and Linda Kolata, he launched the start-up project Apus Systems, which was initially funded by an EXIST start-up grant. From 2012 to 2013, the founders received an SAB seed grant. Since 2012, Fabian Naumann has been the managing director of Apus Systems GbR together with geographer Mario Hehne.


What does Apus Systems do?

We see ourselves as specialists in the field of hydromelioration. We develop a system for the cost-efficient detection, management and analysis of drainage systems under agricultural land. This enables farmers to find drainage systems and monitor them more easily in the future. The use of our service and software increases the profitability of individual farms and contributes decisively to securing yields in agriculture.

What do you particularly like about your current job?

Already during my studies I quickly realised that working independently and solving new problems really appeals to me. The idea or solution of a concrete problem in agriculture was ultimately also the reason for founding the company. In everyday work, you are always faced with new challenges that need to be solved. I particularly like this versatility.

What memories do you have of your studies at HTW Dresden?

I remember HTW Dresden as being very practical and informal. Thanks to the EXIST start-up grant, we were able to use the premises of the Gründungsschmiede for two years. This was enormously helpful in the initial phase. But above all, we were able to draw on the university's very well-developed network of founders. Even today, I am still in regular contact with HTW Dresden. We supervise final theses and offer internships for geoinformatics students.

To what extent did your studies prepare you for entering professional life?

I was able to take a lot with me from my studies. Professionally, I was very well prepared. However, the working world is very different from the everyday life of a student. In terms of business administration, I was thrown in at the deep end as a cartographer. I had to quickly learn a lot on my own. But here, too, there was always good support from the university's start-up network. However, what I experience again and again from interns is the lack of ability to work out new things independently. This ability is extremely important, especially at a time when technologies are developing so rapidly. More attention should be paid to this during studies.

What tips can you give today's students?

My tip for constantly developing yourself: look beyond the end of your nose and question things! That's often how you get the best ideas.

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