Georg Sprössig in portrait

Georg Sprössig: "Nature is my laboratory".

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of HTW Dresden, we present people from the university in our portrait series. We asked laboratory engineer Georg Sprössig from the Faculty of Agriculture, Chemistry and Environment what special experience he associates with HTW Dresden.

Georg Sprößig is a laboratory engineer in the Department of Environmental Monitoring and Landscape Development at the Faculty of Agriculture, Environment and Chemistry at the Pillnitz site. In addition to three laboratories, he supervises courses with a focus on vegetation, fauna and biotopes. His daily work also includes the management and maintenance of working equipment, which is mainly used for external research. This also includes two weather stations that provide important data for the scientific work. Most of his work takes place practically in nature anyway. Then, when he is not outside or teaching students, he maintains the content of the website as the chief editor of the faculty.

What connects you to HTW Dresden?
I studied at HTW Dresden myself. From 2004 to 2008, I studied in what was then the diploma programme in landscape management. After that, I took up a position as project coordinator in a research project on "Biodiversity Promotion in Rural Areas" at the university. After this project ended in summer 2010, a laboratory engineer position was just advertised in the newly structured degree programme "Environmental Monitoring". I've been here with pleasure ever since.

What experience has had a particular impact on you?
After more than 10 years here, some formative things have happened to me, so it's hard to pick out a single experience. I am always impressed when the interest in special offers clearly exceeds our expectations, such as at the Children's University, where 150 primary school children visited our campus in Pillnitz, or at the Long Night of Science, when suddenly over 200 people want to take part in a bat excursion. I always remember moments like that fondly.

How would you describe the university in three words?
diverse, lively, friendly

What do you wish for the future of the university?
Continuous development with a sense of perspective and thoughtfulness in the direction of even more subject diversity, the expansion of networks with the promotion of innovations and support for the people who work on them every day.

Which place on campus is your favourite?
The bench in front of the Alte Schmiede (PW building) is the nicest place for a coffee break for me.

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M.Sc. Miriam Walther