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HTWD/ Cornelius Scherzer
Exchange with Master's student Mayuresh Bhadsavle at a preview of his photographic work during a workshop in Dresden-Prohlis in June 2023.

Heat stress and blue-green infrastructure in cities

Created by Prof. Cornelius Scherzer; Pressestelle |

Master's students at HTWD are documenting the situation in an exhibition and collecting ideas.

How do people experience heat in the city? How do they behave under extreme conditions in public spaces? How can we revitalise water bodies and vegetation as "blue-green infrastructure" using natural means? These are the questions that students from abroad are investigating at the HTWD.

Research on climate stress, urban greenery and water bodies is not only carried out on site with measuring devices, in laboratory experiments and using digital models. The behaviour of people in squares, streets and green spaces also plays a role. Views and ideas of people from different backgrounds on how to deal with climate extremes are documented and evaluated as examples for sustainable urban development. Students dealt with these questions in their final theses in the Master's programme "Urban Climate and Sustainability". The following examples show the variety of topics:

  • Elisa Reino-Bernal, transport planner from Ecuador, simulated environmental impacts in variants for the design of Kesselsdorfer Straße for all forms of mobility and formulated planning tips.
  • Lorena Gebran, landscape architect from Lebanon, worked out in a multilingual workshop with people from Prohlis how water bodies can be revitalised and green spaces upgraded.
  • Mayuresh Bhadsavle, urban planner and documentary photographer from India, used visual communication to lend weight to the issue of climate change. A selection of his photographs is now on public display.

A showcase exhibition of photographs by Mayuresh Bhadsavle entitled "The Warming City - Visual Narratives of Urban Heat Stresses in Germany" will run until 31.8.2023.
"Grüne Ecke", BÜNDNIS 90 / DIE GRÜNEN, Bischofsplatz 6, Dresden. The author will be present in person on 26.8.2023 from 2 pm.
Further information:

The interdisciplinary, EU-funded Erasmus Mundus course "Master in Urban Climate and Sustainability" offers 20 places for students from all over the world. Universities in Glasgow (Scotland), Lahti (Finland) and Huelva (Spain) as well as HTW Dresden are involved as partners. International students come to HTWD every year for an intensive programme and the Master's thesis. Further


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Henning Günther

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Henning Günther

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Cornelius Scherzer

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Cornelius Scherzer