Pia Bielitz in the Model Factory 4.0
Kalina Zheynova

Pia Bielitz: "I especially appreciate the personal atmosphere."

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of HTW Dresden, we present people from the university in our portrait series. We asked Pia Bielitz what special experience she associates with HTW Dresden and what laboratory she has not yet seen at the university but would like to get to know.


Pia Bielitz is a research assistant at the Faculty of Mathematics/Computer Science and conducts research on digitalisation and IoT applications in industry in the Smart Production Systems working group. The engineer is currently in charge of Lab X - the newly founded start-up lab is an ideas workshop where prototypes can be made and further developed. She also works in a junior research group on the topic of "adaptable production systems". Once a month she shares her knowledge with interested people from business and research during a guided tour of the Model Factory 4.0. Today she reveals more about her connection to HTW Dresden in a conversation with us.

What connects you to HTW Dresden? 
On the one hand, I was born in Dresden and therefore have a special connection to this city. Secondly, I successfully completed my Bachelor's degree in industrial engineering at HTW Dresden and know the university very well. I then completed my Master's degree at TU Dresden. This allowed me to directly compare the two institutions of knowledge. What I particularly like about our university is that the studies and work are much more personal and practice-oriented. For these reasons, I was very happy to come back and feel very comfortable with it.  

What experience has had a particular impact on you? 
A sum of different experiences has left a positive mark on me. On the one hand, there is always the possibility of a good, professional exchange, whether it was with my fellow students and professors during my studies or now with my colleagues in the working group. It's especially nice to get together at various events, such as our annual hiking day or inter-university events like the Long Night of the Sciences.

Describe the HTW DD in three words. 
informal, open, practice-oriented

What do you wish for the future of the university? 
That the administrative processes become a little more digital and that existing processes and regulations are regularly scrutinised and then also adapted.
Which laboratory at HTW Dresden do you not know, but would like to get to know? 
So far I haven't had the chance to see the automotive technology labs in the K building. I would be very happy if there is an opportunity for a tour.