Portrait of Professor Ralf Boden
HTW Dresden/ Peter Sebb

Prof. Ralf Boden: I can share my knowledge with young, enquiring people".

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of HTW Dresden, we present people from the university in our portrait series. We asked Prof. Ralf Boden what special experience he associates with HTW Dresden and what he hopes for its future development.

Professor Ralf Boden worked in research and development at regional communications technology companies for almost 18 years. In May 2009, he was called to the HTW Dresden to take over the professorship "Signal Processing and Electronic Measurement Technology" in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. In addition to teaching courses in this field, which is his most important task, his research includes energy-efficient data transmission in home networks and broadband communication via LED lighting. As a senator, he actively shapes the further development of our university in the interests of all stakeholders.

What connects you with HTW Dresden?
The joy in the second half of my professional life of being able to share the know-how I have acquired in industrial practice with curious young people, but also the opportunity to address new scientific and technical challenges in teaching and research.

Describe the university in three words.
Competence, commitment, cooperation

What do you wish for the future of the university?
That we succeed in training more students in STEM fields, especially in electrical engineering and information technology, to become capable and motivated graduates who will help alleviate the shortage of skilled workers in the engineering sector and thus maintain and expand international competitiveness as the basis of our prosperity. I would like to see us strengthen our cooperation with schools and regional business and industry and work even more closely together in the future.

Which place on campus could become your favourite?
Currently, I feel most comfortable in the faculty area with the associated laboratories, because I very much appreciate the collegial cooperation and consider the joint implementation of internships and projects very important for the transfer of skills to our students. But I am also excited about the opportunities the new laboratory building will offer us for this in the future.

More portraits will be published on our anniversary page in the coming weeks: www.htw-dresden.de/30jahre