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PROMOS Scholarship

You want to study, write your thesis or do an internship in a non-european country? Then apply now for the PROMOS scholarship and receive financial support!


Students enrolled at the HTW Dresden can apply for the PROMOS scholarship with the intention of graduating.

As part of the DAAD PROMOS programme, the HTW Dresden supports the realisation of

  •     Study visits (1 to 6 months/monthly partial scholarship rate)/Theses (university/monthly partial scholarship rate or company/travel allowance) ,
  •     Internships (6 weeks to 6 months/travel allowance),
  •     Study and group trips abroad under the direction of a university teacher (package) to non-European countries.


Please submit the following application documents for the current calendar year to the International Office of HTW Dresden by 15 February of the calendar year (by e-mail as a PDF file to

  •  Application form PROMOS (Please first save and then open with Adobe Reader. The application form cannot be opened in the browser.)
  •  Proof of examination results (e.g. Transcript of Records)
  •  Proof of language proficiency (HTW/DAAD language certificate as language certificate after successful course participation or as module mark on certificate, in the case of lower semesters also language certificate on Abitur certificate counts, note: To acquire the HTW/DAAD language certificate without prior course participation, please contact the language centre. The exhibition can take up to 4 weeks. A self-assessment of language skills will not be accepted as proof of language proficiency).
  • Study project / letter of motivation
  • Learning Agreement (if available)
  • Confirmation from the university (if available)
  •  Internship agreement (if available)
  •  Confirmation of the company (if available)


The selection procedure is carried out according to the subject, language and personal requirements of the students on the basis of the application documents. The selection of scholarship holders and the order of students (including reserve or replacement candidates) are made according to the award and selection criteria of the PROMOS Selection Commission of the HTW Dresden.
Each faculty determines an order for the applicants of its own faculty. For better comparability of students from different faculties, a point system is used.
The selection committee determines a cross-faculty order.

The decision is based on a number of factors:

  •     Academic achievements
  •     knowledge of languages
  •     study project
  •     motivation
  •     Extra-curricular activities (committee activities, StuRa, faculty council, faranto e.V., IAESTE - local committee, AIESEC - local committee, involvement in the supervision of international exchange  students of the HTW Dresden)

Priorities/sub-priorities are defined in the light of the project abroad, regions/countries/universities, degree programmes, study progress and multiple funding.

  •     Partner universities have priority
  •     Stays in CEE countries have priority over other countries
  •     Engineering courses of studies before economic science courses of studies
  •     Students of international degree programmes (IB, IMES) before other degree programmes, as they have to complete compulsory semesters abroad.
  •     Students who have already been supported in another program by the HTW Dresden will be treated as subordinated students.

For candidates who want to move up, it may also be possible for the scholarship award to be confirmed at a later date with a new notification. Stays in the country of origin cannot be funded.


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International Office

Stabsstelle Internationales