Rebecca Krentz, Deputy Library Director between book rows
HTW Dresden/ Kalina Zheynova
Rebecca Krentz, Deputy Library Director between book rows
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Rebecca Krentz: "I work in a wonderful, friendly and modern university library".

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of HTW Dresden, we are presenting people from the university in our portrait series.

We asked Rebecca Krentz what special experience she associates with HTW Dresden and what she would like to see in its future development.

Rebecca Krentz has been part of our university community for seven years. She is the deputy head of the library with a focus on information provision as well as Open Access and is completely in her element when she can share knowledge. From the "Long Night of Delayed Essays", where students are helped to finalise their semester projects, to scientific research in the library catalogue, she organises and conducts educational seminars. Today we have the political science graduate in interview.

What do you connect with the HTW Dresden?

In June 2015, I was able to begin my first permanent position in my dream job at the HTW Dresden - that of a librarian. After many moves in and out of Germany, I finally found a home in Saxony - in two ways. First with my family, but then, very soon, also in a great team, in a wonderful, friendly and modern university library. My work as team leader for information services, but also as deputy head of our beautiful library, allows me to gain insights into the multifaceted, colourful facets of our university on a day-to-day bases - and I'm very sure that I haven't discovered all of them yet.

Would you like to share your best memory with us?

It was when we won second place at the university sports festival in 2016 as the administration/library team. We had to complete a wide variety of tasks together. For example, we had to pull a Unimog as fast and as far as possible, successfully play Viking chess or score goals against other teams as a human kick footballer. The most exciting task, however, was geocaching. I can still remember very well when, after what felt like an eternity and a long time of wandering around the square, we finally discovered the cache we were looking for - ON the street sign Andreas-Schubert-Straße at the N-building, right at the top, hidden in the cane. I was chosen to fish it out from there. Three of my team mates helped me with robber ladders and all kinds of other hands, so that I successfully made it to the top - and more importantly for me ;-) - I also made it back down in one piece.

How would you describe the university in three words?

colourful, friendly, inviting

What do you wish for the future of the university?

First of all, in general terms and therefore first: a lot of enthusiasm, plenty of optimism and just a little bit of unconventionality.
Personally, but probably no less modestly, I would like to see us confidently demonstrate to the outside world and actively live out internally what we stand for: for unity in teaching and research, for equality of opportunity, for practical orientation, for knowledge transfer, for networking and today perhaps more important than ever: for open-mindedness, tolerance and democracy.

Who would you like to have coffee with?  

I would have loved to go for coffee with Frida Kahlo. She was not only a famous painter, but also an emancipated woman who, despite physical suffering, stood up for peace and freedom throughout her life.

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