The Team

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faranto e.V.

The Team

Jean-Luc Peters

Vice President
Sophie Dutschk

Chief Financial Officer
Laura Tyl

Local Representative
Konstantin Clemens

Chief Event Coordinator
Jan Tomáš


Our Event-Team plans and carries out diverse cultural, sportive and culinary events. We would like to show our international exchange students (incomings) the German culture as well as Dresdens attractions and sourrounding area.

Whether it is lasertag, hiking in Saxon Switzerland or going to watch an opera at Semperoper together we want to make their stay unique and make great experiences with them!

Feel free to write an email or contact us via our meetings. 



In Social Erasmus Team you can make true your own projects. We organize different charities and take part of social events such as "Weinachten im Schuhkartons" (Christmas presents in shoe boxes) and "Elbwiesereingung" (Cleaning the riverside from the Elbe). 

In addition we are engaged to promote and support the acceptance towards cultural diversity in our next generations.
If you are interested, you can always join and support us with your creativity. 

Get in touch with us in our weekly meetings or send us an email.
We are looking forward to meet you :)

Our marketing and designteam is responsible for all the content you can find on social media.

We create designs and descriptions for posters as well as posts on instagram and facebook events. We publish our creations to promote several events. Our channels are facebook, instagram and the smoky-app. You can inform yourself there about every activity and event which has something to do with our faranto-association.

If you want to contact us, feel free to do so via one of our social media channels, it might be the easiest way.

As IT - Team we support the association in all information-technical interests. We manage the accounts of our members and make sure that the website stays online. We help our Incomings in the first weeks to get along with the infrastructure of the HTW Dresden and comfort them about the low data rates in German mobile networks.

You can reach us either via mail or during the sessions every Tuesday.