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In general, your participation in language courses in the Studium Integrale can be divided into three categories:

  1. Participation due to language change: This only applies to students in the Bachelor's degree courses in Business Administration and Industrial Engineering. After a declaration of a language change in the 3rd subject semester due to good English skills, they take part in language modules in the Studium Integrale. Details are presented in Your Language Options.
  2. Participation based on sufficient knowledge: After successfully completing a language test, some students can be exempted from the compulsory participation in the language courses of their degree program and take another language. This applies in particular to the English B2 course as well as the German course in the master's degree in Environmental Engineering. On the one hand, this requires an application to the examination board responsible for you (PDF template not barrier-free; no form requirement). On the other hand, you will receive a proof of language proficiency after successful participation. You must present both documents to the examination office in order to recognize the achievements on your curriculum. 
  3. Additional participation: You take one of our interdisciplinary modules and receive a corresponding language certificate with which you can prove your sharpened personal profile, for example when applying. There is no recognition of your curriculum. In addition, in these cases in particular, we recommend taking part in our annual summer university. 

For the respective languages, we have created overviews of all the language modules we offer in the Studium Integrale. If you have difficulties with the specified levels, there is numerous information on self-assessment as well as suitable short tests on the Internet. You can also contact the respective head of language group at any time. 

Registration takes place either by registering in the corresponding OPAL course, the link of which is stored in the linked module descriptions, or via the head of language group. 

Due to the large number of language modules for English B2 that are already anchored in the curriculum, we do not offer an independent module in the Studium Integrale. You are, however, welcome to take part in existing modules - provided there are sufficient capacities.

We also offer you three language modules that build on each other at level C1, each with 2 SWS (3 credits): 

  • S051: English C1 I in the winter semester
  • S052: English C1 II in the summer semester
  • S053: English C1 III in the winter semester

At the A1 to C1 levels, we offer one module per semester. All modules have a scope of 4 SWS (5 credits).

  • S030: DaF A1 I/SI (available as S101 in the winter semester)
  • S031: DaF A1 II/SI
  • S032: DaF A2 I/SI (available as S102 in the winter semester)
  • S033: DaF A2 II/SI
  • S034: DaF B1 I/SI
  • S035: DaF B1 II/SI
  • S036: DaF B2 I/SI
  • S037: DaF B2 II/SI
  • S038: DaF C1 I/SI
  • S039: DaF C1 II/SI

In the timetable you will find the modules marked I in the winter semester; in the summer semester the modules with II. You can still take the continuation modules (II) in the winter semester and start with a new level (I) in the summer semester, as the two modules of one level are offered in combination.

Especially for students in the master's program Environmental Engineering we offer two elective modules in the first semester, which may also be taken by other students within the framework of Studium Integrale.

  • S101: DaF B A1 I in winter semester
  • S102: DaF B A2 I in winter semester

Interested students can take part in all the French modules we offer as part of the Studium Integrale.

Interested students can take part in all the Spanish modules we offer as part of the Studium Integrale.

Further information on the individual modules can be found in the respective entries in Modulux, which you can easily access via the linked module numbers.

Information on class times

You can find information concerning all language classes all well as any updates in the lesson and room plan. To navigate directly to the class of your interest, please enter the module number under "Additional Information". The class will appear in the recommendations. Please choose your desired class and click on "Individual Timetable".

Additional Information


We are happy to answer your questions by e-mail, by phone on 0351 462-2074, or in office Z 708. Please note our office hours Monday to Wednesday, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and Fridays by appointment.