Vice Rectorate Teaching and Studies

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Vice Rectorate Teaching and Studies

We create opportunities for exchange between all members of the university.

We think and act in a networked way in order to map the diversity of the topics of the university holistically.

We all shape the apprenticeship together at our HTW Dresden.

Our topics

We want to make teaching and study programs future-oriented and support you in their design. This ranges from pre-courses for students to the joint development of teaching to career counseling for future professional worlds. In doing so, we receive impulses from business, society, associations and the Wissenschaftsrat, the Stifterverband and others, and creatively introduce them to our university with lecturers, faculty and students. The core of our strategic approach and operative work is always a common implementation of all university members.

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Quality management

Quality management for teaching and studying is one of the core tasks of the Prorectorate Teaching and Studies. Course planning and development is always in focus. We advise and assist you in the internal accreditation process of study programs and are available to answer questions relating to quality management and system accreditation.

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With KAtLA + we create new job opportunities for students of the HTW Dresden - technical teacher training at vocational schools. Together with the TU Dresden we want to enable an optimized and shortened access to the state examination. We are thus expanding our range of courses and making a social contribution to minimizing the shortage of teachers at vocational schools.

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We seek contact and dialogue with former students and business. This is the basis for feedback on our study programs and their further development. We live networking and exchange. This also includes the introduction of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software - so that the contact with alumni and the economy is more efficient for all sides.

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We have a variety of support offers for students in different study phases, which we bundle under the label "Studieren +". From the math intensive course to the writing workshop to the e-learning module "Scientific Work". Main part of this offer is the study Integrale. We want to make a contribution to the holistic education of the student. Key competences are the necessary tools for the future career of students and make an important contribution to lifelong learning.

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Tutoring program


In case of technical problems we do not leave the students alone. Numerous tutorial offers take place at our university, where students from higher semesters are available to help and advise other students. With the implementation of tutoring programs we want to reduce the dropout rate and support faculties in setting up these programs.

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Since 2017 we have been developing StudiCockpit for our students. This is a digital early-warning system, which uses statistical data to "alarm" possible risks of academic success and shows suitable ways to successfully complete the degree. Our goal is to promote the success of the study, to prevent hasty drop-outs and to bring graduates into appropriate training.

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Support Courses in Mathematics

In the field of mathematics, gaps in knowledge and learning difficulties often emerge during the course of the course of studies, leading to difficulties during studies and even crashes. We want to support the students with an extensive additional mathematical offer, so that it does not even get that far. Preparatory courses in presence or digital, tutorials up to the study area mathematics - a varied offer ensures that there is the right offer for everyone.

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We are burning for teaching and didactics. (Media) didactic questions, constructive alignment, exchange as well as training and information offers are our "daily bread". We offer you direct, personal advice and would like to inspire you to try out innovative ideas in your apprenticeship. Researching, activating and also like digital.

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Career Service

The Career Service accompanies students and graduates in career orientation, development of key competences and within the application process. For the students we establish contacts to the economy and industry, they already address the professional world in the early stages of the study through information events, workshops and lectures to impart the necessary key qualifications, internships and much more.) At the end of the study we provide assistance for career entry through company contact fairs, Single company presentations, job and application databases. This service is free!

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HTW Gründungsschmiede- Consulting Centre for Company Founding

The "Gründungsschmiede" (literally translates as 'smithy for entrepreneurship') is the contact for all ideas and questions concerning the topics of founding and self-employment and as an incubator offers the founding teams of the HTW Dresden the opportunity to use jobs free of charge. In co-operation with dresden | exists, the start-up company offers event formats that on the one hand show entrepreneurial activity and self-employment as an attractive perspective and on the other convey knowledge relevant to the foundation.

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