Young Scientists Award

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Young Scientists Award

The Young Researcher Award honours outstanding achievements at HTW Dresden in the field of applied research. Researchers at HTW Dresden and ZAFT e.V. who have started a cooperative doctoral project or completed their doctorate no more than one year ago are eligible to apply. The jury consists of the members of the Senate Commission for Research of HTW Dresden.

Young Scientists Award 2020

Mathematician Marcel Mokbel is this year's winner of the Young Researcher Award of HTW Dresden. He was awarded the 1,000 Euro prize for his doctoral thesis "An ALE model for simulations of elastic surfaces in flow".


This year's finalists: award winner Marcel Mokbel and Maximilian Jüttner (not in picture: Dr. Thomas Voltz)
This year's finalists: award winner Marcel Mokbel and Maximilian Jüttner (not in picture: Dr. Thomas Voltz)

In a short movie Marcel Mokbel explains the contents of his work.

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Nachwuchsforscherpreis der HTW Dresden 2020

The investigation of mechanical properties of elastic capsules in a fluid (such as the behaviour of blood cells in the body) is particularly difficult on the microscopic scale. Together with Professor Sebastian Aland, Marcel Mokbel therefore developed a model for the mathematical description of the problem "elastic capsules in flow" as well as a solution method for computer simulations. The model designed by the mathematician has so far solved three current scientific problems in the fields of medicine and biophysics: the development of new types of microswimmers, the detection of biological cells in the flow channel, new findings on the nature of the cell cortex.

Mokbel's presentation of his dissertation project convinced the jury at the Young Researchers' Symposium. In particular, his two-minute explanatory film, which vividly presents the content of his work, was received with great enthusiasm. Mokbel is aiming for a doctorate in a cooperative procedure with the Technical University of Dresden and the Faculty of Mathematics/Informatics at the HTW Dresden.

Besides Marcel Mokbel, Maximilian Jüttner presented his PhD project on the simulation, analysis and optimization of the RF and noise behavior of CMOS structures. The civil engineer Dr. Thomas Voltz presented his dissertation, in which he developed practice-oriented methods of optimal energy management in small and medium-sized water supply companies.

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