[Translate to English:] Porträt von Studentin Hanna Liebrecht vor einem blühenden Baum
Kalina Zheynova

Hanna Liebrecht: "I study in my hometown with a perspective on the world."

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of HTW Dresden, we present people from the university in our portrait series. We asked student Hanna Liebrecht how she feels connected to HTW Dresden and how she sees her future with us.

Hanna Liebrecht is in her 8th semester of International Business at the Faculty of Business and Economics. In addition to her studies, she has been involved in the Student Council (StuRa) of the university since her second semester. She has already been involved in various areas and has taken on positions such as head of the International Affairs Department or chairwoman. After her semester abroad in Nice, she is now doing an internship in Luxembourg. Her journey with us is not over yet. Hanna plans to start her Master's degree in Management of Medium-Sized Enterprises in March and will also become more active in the StuRa.

What connects you to HTW Dresden?
Dresden is my hometown and studying at HTW Dresden has allowed me to stay local in this beautiful city and at the same time have a view of the big world through my field of study.

Would you like to share your fondest memory with us?
As mundane as it may sound, it was the normal days in the S and Z building with my fellow students. Sitting together in class and somehow trying to understand the material while actually exchanging ideas over the weekend and going for a coffee together afterwards - that's what my three semesters before Corona looked like and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world!

Describe the university in three words
Past, present, future

What do you wish for the future of the university?
Personally, I hope to start the double master's programme Management of Medium-Sized Enterprises with the Université Paris Nanterre in exactly one year's time, and in general I wish that this hustle and bustle of chatting students in the corridors of the university will continue.

Where on campus do you get your best ideas?
Somewhere between the tables of the library, where you have a view of the inner courtyard, and the rooms of the StuRa in the A building, which by now are not only my second home on campus, but also offer a very special mix of such different people that new perspectives are constantly emerging.

More portraits will be published on our anniversary page in the coming weeks: www.htw-dresden.de/30jahre 



M.Sc. Miriam Walther

Alumni Relations Officer

M.Sc. Miriam Walther