30 years HTW Dresden

We celebrate anniversary.

30 years ago, on 16 July 1992, the founding of the Dresden University of Applied Sciences was completed with the presentation of the foundation charter by the then Minister of State for Science and Art of the Free State of Saxony, Professor Hans Joachim Meyer. As early as October 1992, teaching and study began for 1,000 students in 15 degree programmes as well as in a number of postgraduate programmes.

Today, around 4,800 students are studying in 42 study programmes at the Dresden University of Applied Sciences.  With its strongly practice-oriented teaching and research, the HTW Dresden ranks among the top universities of applied sciences (HAW) in Germany.

We warmly invite you to celebrate our 30th anniversary together this year. There will be several events and activities throughout the year. On this website we will take you on a journey through the history of the university. We will also introduce you to members and supporters of the university. Because what essentially forms the university and makes it successful are the people who shape it.


30 years of teaching, researching, studying and working together. What better way to tell history and the future than through people's stories. I invite all university members to participate in our anniversary with their ideas.


  • 1 June 2022 University birthday party for Dies academicus
  • 8 July 2022 Alumni meeting of the faculties for the LNDW
  • Matriculation ceremony with emphasis on the 30th anniversary of the university 
  • Exhibition "alumni in portrait" (Prof. Roland Stenzel and Peter Sebb)
    The detailed programme will be announced soon.

People of our university

Here we would like to introduce you to people from our university community. In a number of interviews, we show what paths our students are taking, what alumni have accomplished and what a research career at a university can look like. In addition, professors, employees and students talk about what connects them to our university and what they would like to have in the future. Enjoy reading.



Stories & People

Pia Bielitz

Pia Bielitz is a scientist at the Faculty of Mathematics/Computer Science and conducts research on digitization and IoT applications in the Smart Production Systems group. What she particularly likes about ours, she shares in this portrait.

[Translate to English:] Pia Bielitz in der Modellfabrik 4.0
Kalina Zheynova

Greetings from France

Jean-Michel Nicolle, President of the partner university École d'ingénieurs (EPF) congratulates our university on its 30th anniversary.

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Joyeux anniversaire - Glückwünsche aus Frankreich

Carolin Schaufel

Carolin Schaufel has been with us at the university since November and is mainly responsible for planning measures in the areas of equality, inclusion and family issues. She tells us what her ambitions are in the current portrait.

Portrait of Carolin Schaufel in front of the seminar building of the HTW Dresden
HTW Dresden/ Kalina Zheynova

Prof. Martin Wittmer

Martin Wittmer has been a professor of vehicle construction and commercial vehicle technology here with us at HTW Dresden since 2009. In this portrait he reveals why he is so enthusiastic about the big "machines".

Professor Martin Wittmer in the vehicle laboratory at HTW Dresden
HTW Dresden/ Peter Sebb

Congratulations from Canada

Carolyn Russel, Vancouver Island University

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Congratulations from VIU, Carolyn Russell

Rebecca Krentz

Rebecca Krentz is the deputy head of our library. We asked her what special memory she has of the university and who she would like to have a coffee with. 


Rebecca Krentz
HTW Dresden/ Kalina Zheynova