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Summer school 'Computer and Geoscience in Archaeology' 2024

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The new master degree "Computer- and Geoscience in Archaeology"

Archaeolgy deals with the material remains of the history of humankind. The role of applied sciences and technologies in this research field is ever increasing. Therefore, an interdisciplinary team at HTW Dresden offers a Master's Degree, which furthers interdisciplinary skills and cooperation between archaeology, computer- and the geosciences. The curriculum is designed to upskill graduates of the fields of archaeology. The students will be provided training in the basics and methods of computer- and geosciences. All students will receive training in the application of spatial and object-focused technologies such as GIS, remote sensing and 3D documentation and processing. Another important focus will be research data management with an emphasis on open data policies and linked open data. Finally strategies and technologies of knowledge dissemination, public outreach and legal and ethical standards will be thaught. During the curriculum, the students are entitled to participate in the research projects of the cooperating institutions, gathering experiences in the field and research. The students will thereby be trained to adress problems and contribute to the development of solutions fit for the diverse needs in archaeology and cultural heritage institutions and companies.

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