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Become a sponsor

The scholarship of EUR 300 per month is half financed by private sponsors and half by the Federal government. The University acquires private sponsors who donate half the scholarship amount. The other half will then be funded by the Federal government. The scholarship is awarded to holders without deduction, and is not counted towards a person’s student loan (BAföG).

The Germany Scholarship (Deutschlandstipendium) is awarded to students of the HTW Dresden, whose career promises outstanding achievements in their studies and professional life. The potential criteria for a Germany Scholarship being awarded include, among other things, significant achievements in school and / or studies, a willingness to take responsibility in a social environment and potentially, for example, overcoming certain biographical obstacles.

Financial support in the form of a scholarship stands at EUR 150.00 per month, which is supplemented by EUR 150.00 of Federal funds. Scholarships are awarded for a minimum period of 1 year. This equates to financial support amounting to EUR 1,800.00 per scholarship.

The listing and awarding of scholarships along with the selection of scholarship recipients is managed by the HTW Dresden. Those providing the funding may, however, stipulate whether their financial support should be granted to students from a specific Faculty, or a certain study programme. Scholarship providers will, with your consent, be published on the University’s website as funding providers, and named in the corresponding press releases pertaining to student scholarships. The HTW Dresden supports contact between scholarship holders and sponsors (if desired) and enables the sponsors to meet the scholarship holders in person.

As a sponsor, your donation is also tax-deductible.

A donation receipt will be issued by the HTW Dresden.

If you are interested in receiving funding, please contact the Prorector for Lecturing and Studying of the HTW Dresden.

Prof. Dr. Anne-Katrin Haubold

Email: prorektorl@htw-dresden.de

Tel.: +49 (0)351 462 3556:+49 351 462-2556

Address: Friedrich-List-Platz 1, 01069 Dresden, Room Z 257

An funding agreement can be found in the right-hand column under "Information material".