Faculty of Electrical Engineering

High Current Technology

Room: S 021

Phone: +49 351 462-2318

Laboratory high current technology

Electrical parameters

Connection:     86 kVA

In the high-current laboratory, test objects are stressed with regard to their heating and mechanical stress on their carrying capacity with regard to the rated current and the short-circuit current. With the available equipment, tests with alternating and direct current are possible.

The equipment in the high-current laboratory enables the following tests and experiments to be carried out, e.g:

  • Heating tests according to various standards
  • Mechanical tests according to various standards
  • Tests with direct and alternating currents up to 400 Hz
  • Endurance tests and continuous switching tests
  • Determination of thermal conductivities
  • Determination of magnetic properties
  • Resistance and contact analysis

Test stands:

  • Three-phase current: 86 kVA (up to 25 V and 5 kA) 10 to 400 Hz
  • Alternating current: 50 kVA (up to 5 V and 10 kA) 10 to 400 Hz
  • Direct current: 86 kW (up to 1030 V and 5 kA)

Supervising professors and laboratory engineers