Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Mechatronics laboratory / test laboratory

Room: S 406

Phone: +49 351 462-2934

Mechatronics / test laboratory
HTW Dresden/Bauer

The mechatronics laboratory / test laboratory is used for teaching and research at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The design and use of the laboratory enables practical training and the development of engineering skills as well as practical skills among the students. The focus is on the constructive-technological development of electronic assemblies as an essential element of the engineering development goals in electrical engineering.

Through close cooperation with the faculty's CAD laboratory, the entire chain of computer-aided design, mechanical production and the special technologies of electronics, including selected methods for characterizing the assemblies, is to be made accessible to students in internships. The focus of the laboratory is therefore on the manufacture and characterization of electronic assemblies.

The development and evaluation of electronic assemblies and devices are also focal points of research, whereby in addition to the observation of known technologies and the analysis of occurring effects, the development of new constructive-technological solutions for a wide variety of applications is of interest.

Possibilities in the laboratory

Geometric measurements Load tests (temperature, humidity)
Coating thickness measurement Further methods for coating characterization in cooperation with the laboratory Technical Electrostatics (Electrostatic Coating Technology)
Optical inspection
(Digital picture documentation)
Semi-automatic SMD assembly
Electrical measurements and testing 3D printing
Metallographic cuts  

Laboratory cooperation

There are various collaborations with laboratories at the HTW Dresden and other university and research institutions as well as industry to implement the different tasks in construction and technology. Typical processes are secured through cooperation with the faculty's facilities.


Supervising professors and laboratory engineers