Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Technical Electrostatics / Electrostatic Coating Technology

Room: S 059

Phone: +49 351 462-2368

Laboratory for technical electrostatics / electrostatic coating technology

In the "Technical Electrostatics" laboratory at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the HTW Dresden, studies are carried out on the effects of electrostatic charging on materials and surfaces and their use for process engineering tasks or evaluation in technical processes. This continues traditional research that goes back to around 1960. The laboratory is used by employees of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering as well as employees of the Center for Applied Research and Technology e.V. (ZAFT) for research, training and services, and the facility is operated jointly.

A special focus is the electrostatic coating technology.
In this area, the development of coating equipment and technologies as well as the development of measurement methods for material and product evaluation for a wide variety of applications are implemented in a wide range.

In close cooperation with industry and research institutions, results are usually directly applicable. Often this work is embedded in research projects supported by funding programmes, e.g. the AiF Projekt GmbH and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Examples of activities in the laboratory  
Investigations on powder, liquid lacquers and flock and their layers Investigation of parasitic charging effects
Testing and evaluation of spray devices (powder, liquid & flock) Advice on technical / technological tasks
Measurements on paint, powder paint and flock films Training of process users

Application equipment

1. Powder booth
2. Dry filter with recovery
3. IR melting module, combined with conveyor unit
4. High voltage spray gun with flow cup
5. High voltage spray gun with large container suction unit
6. Triboelectric spray gun with suction cup
7. Fluidization unit for automatic high voltage gun
8. Working window of the powder booth

Supervising professors and laboratory engineers