Erasmus+ Learning Agreement

For exchange studies at Erasmus partner universities you have to fill in an Online Learning Agreement (OLA).

To ensure that your academic achievements abroad are recognized at HTW Dresden, you must conclude a learning agreement before your stay. This is often already requested by the host university with the application documents and will be offered within the Erasmus+ program starting from winter semester 2022/23 only online via the Online Learning Agreement (OLA).

Here you can find a YouTube tutorial about the OLA:

Attention: Another procedure applies for exchange studies outside the Erasmus+ program. Please use this template and send it to your HTW study dean/examination board as well as to your host university via email for signature.

General instructions:

  • Do not complete the Learning Agreement on your smartphone.
  • It is not possible to use Internet Explorer. Please choose another browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google, Chrome, etc.).
  • The Learning Agreement must be signed by you, your home and host university (online) BEFORE you start your study abroad. So please take care of it as early as possible.

Log in to the OLA website:

  • Go to to create an OLA account (top right "LOG IN").
  • You will be asked to log in via "MyAcademicID". Please choose the login via institution here. Enter "HTW Dresden" and select it as institution. Do not use "Log in with Google" or other personal email addresses.
  • Register with your HTW login, i.e. your s-number, and the corresponding password.
  • Accept the terms of use and wait to receive the registration email.
  • Click on the link in the mail to complete the registration.
  • From now on you can log in to your account at any time using your HTW login and password via
  • Please make sure to select "Semester Mobility" here!

Register your OLA account:

  • Enter your personal data.
  • "Field of Education": Here please enter the name of your field of study in English or directly the identification number of your field of study (ISCED code). You must start typing in the field for the drop-down menu to open. Example: "041 - Business and Administration (BWL)" or "07 - Engineering and engineering trades".
  • "Field of education (clarification)": Please be sure to enter your HTW degree program here (e.g. International Business, BWL...).
  • "Study cycle": Please select the study cycle you will be in at the time of your study abroad. 

New Learning Agreement - Create your Learning Agreement:

  • After successful registration, you can start your document by clicking on the "My Learning Agreement" tab and the "Create New" button.
  • The fields marked with a red asterisk are mandatory fields.
  • With the buttons "Previous" and "Next" you can navigate between the individual steps.
  • ATTENTION: As long as you have not completely filled out the fields in a step, the entries will be deleted as soon as you go back one step using the Previous button.

Instructions for filling out your OLA

  • In the first step you only need to add the academic year and your email address (please use your HTW email account again), your personal data will be automatically taken from the registration.
  • Please enter here the academic year in which your Erasmus stay will take place (format 20XX/20XX).

Here you enter information about your home university ("Sending institution" - HTW Dresden). 

  • "Name": Select HTW Dresden from the list of universities.
  • Erasmus code: D DRESDEN01
  • "Faculty/Department": enter your faculty here
  • "Sending Administrative Contact Person": please leave blank, does not need to be filled in
  • "Sending Responsible Person" is the chairman of the board of examiners ("Prüfungsausschussvorsitzender") of your faculty who signs the OLA on behalf of HTW Dresden. The person registered here will also receive the notification from the OLA system that a Learning Agreement is available for signature after you have completed and signed it.
  • ATTENTION: For Faculty of Business Administration please enter Diana Kußauer as "Sending Responsible Person" with the corresponding e-mail address (
  • all other faculties: You can find the chairman of the board of examiners of your faculty in the list of representatives ("Beauftragtenverzeichnis"). Please select "Prüfungsausschussvorsitzender" in the "Function" filter.

Here you enter information about the host university (partner university).

  • "Name": Select your host university from the list. Note that the names of the host universities in the drop-down list are their legal names and may be in the language of the host country.
  • "Faculty/Department": usually enter the department/faculty of the host university you are going to abroad here.
  • "Receiving Responsible Person": The responsible person is the person at your host university with whom you agree on the Learning Agreement and who is allowed to sign the document. A notification will also be sent to this person's email address from the OLA system when your Learning Agreement is ready to be signed. The host university should provide information about who this person is. We recommend that you check the host university's website for information pages for incoming exchange students ("Incomings"). If you do not find information about the responsible person, you can contact "" and we will try to help. 
  • "Receiving Administrative Contact Person": If there is an additional contact person at the host university who manages the student exchange, this person can be added as "Receiving Administrative Contact Person".

Now you should enter information about the courses you would like to take at the host university.

  • "Mobility Period": Please enter the planned start and end dates of your stay abroad here. If the dates have not yet been determined, enter the general semester dates here, which can be found on the host university's website.

Entries in Table A:

  • Please enter the courses you will be taking at the host university in Table A.
  • To add courses, select "Add compenent to Table A" and enter the name and code of the course at the host institution, the number of ECTS, and the time period. The "Add component" button must be clicked again for each course. 
  • "Semester": when entering, please make sure whether the academic year at your host institution is divided into two semesters or three trimesters.
  • "Web link": if available, the link to the course catalog/lecture catalog of the host university can be inserted here.
  • "Language of instruction": please enter the main language of instruction at the host university and your language level (according to the Common European Framework of Reference). A1 is the lowest level, C2 the highest.

Entries in Table B:

  • Please enter in Table B the courses/modules that you would like to receive credits (ECTS) for at HTW Dresden for the successful completion of the courses listed in Table A.
  • Electives/Additional Modules: If you want the courses to be recognized as free electives or as additional modules, write "elective + module title" or "additional module + module title" and the number of ECTS to be transferred. 
  • HTW compulsory courses: If you want to have the courses recognized as compulsory courses at HTW Dresden, then you have to write the HTW module name of the compulsory course and the ECTS to be transferred. 
  • To make it clear which courses should be recognized as HTW compulsory courses, you can number the courses you choose. For example, you could write "Introduction to Business in Spain (1)" in Table A and "International Business (1)" in Table B, so that it is clear that the course "Introduction to Business in Spain" will be transferred as HTW compulsory course "International Business". 
  • "Web link": you can put the link to the corresponding course catalog page (Modulux) of HTW Dresden.
  • You do not need to fill in the provisions "Provisions applying if the student does not complete successfully some educational components".

The final step is to sign the OLA. 

  • "Sign online": Sign the document using a touchpad or the mouse.
  • "Sign and send to the Responsible Person at the Sending Institution": by clicking this button, you will send the OLA to the chairman of the board of examiners ("Prüfungsausschussvorsitzender") of your faculty for signature.

Now the the chairman of the board of examiners ("Prüfungsausschussvorsitzende") of your faculty and your host university will review your OLA. 

  • If the chairman of the board of examiners approves the OLA, he/she will sign the OLA and the learning agreement will automatically be forwarded to the "Responsible Person" of the host university. You do not need to do anything for this. You can see the status in your OLA account (e.g. "Signed by Sending Inst. and sent to Receiving Inst.") or you will receive corresponding emails to about the current processing status.
  • If the chairman of the board of examiners or the host university objects to the contents of the learning agreement, you will receive an email notification from the OLA database. After that, you can edit the OLA again in your OLA account (status "Ready to edit"). To do this, click on "Edit" at the right end of the line. Please do not click on "Create new"! 
  • The comments/change requests of HTW Dreden or host university can be found in your OLA in the last step "Commitment" below the signature field!
  • After you have revised the OLA accordingly, sign it again, thereby sending it back to the "Responsible Person at the Sending Institution", and the "game starts all over again" until all three parties have signed.
  • If the host university has objections to the Learning Agreement, please inform the "Responsible Person" at HTW Dresden before you edit the OLA again. This is because only you will receive the information about the host university's correction requests from the partner university via the OLA database.
  • As soon as the document has been signed by all responsible persons, you will receive an email that you can download the finished document in your account as a PDF file. 

After you begin your studies in your host country, changes to your course selection may be required. You will document the courses you have dropped or added in the "Changes" section of your OLA, which must then be signed again by all three parties.

If there are no changes to your course selection, you do not need to complete this section.

  • Log into the OLA system.
  • "Apply Changes": You will also enter your course changes into your existing OLA - you will need to click "Apply Changes" on the right side of the row where your OLA is displayed.
  • This section can only be filled in if your original OLA (before the mobility) is complete and has been signed by you, HTW Dresden and the host university.

Entries in table A2:

  • Click "Add Component Final Table A2" to enter your change. 
  • You must enter any courses you are deselecting as well as any courses you are adding. 
  • In the last field, indicate whether you want to add (Added) or deselect (Deleted) the course listed.
  • This means you also click "Add Component Final Table A2" if you want to deselect a course to document the change. So to deselect a course, simply add it again to Table A2 exactly as it is already entered in Table A and select "Deleted" at the bottom.
  • After you have selected "Added" or "Deleted" in each case, another field opens where you can select the reason for your course change.

Entries in table B2:

  • Here you can now document changes to the courses/modules that are to be recognized for you at HTW Dresden, just as in Table A2.
  • Here, too, you enter both the courses that are no longer credited to you (deleted) and the courses that have been added for credit (added).
  • If there are no changes to the credit, i.e. to the courses/modules you have entered in Table B, simply click on "Save" below to proceed to the last step.

To confirm your "Changes", sign digitally again and click on the "Send" button below. The OLA will now be automatically sent to the chairman of the board of examiners of your faculty and finally to the host university.