Double Degree Programmes

Double degree programmes offer the great opportunity to acquire two degrees within the standard period of study: a degree from the HTW Dresden and another internationally recognised degree from the partner university abroad.

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Cooperation agreements have been concluded with several partner universities of the University of Applied Sciences Dresden (HTW Dresden), leading to a "double degree program". Double degree means that you will receive the degree of HTW Dresden (Diplom or Bachelor or Master) as well as the equivalent degree of the partner university.

    Your added value

    • Acquisition of two degrees without prolongation of the specified period of study
    • Structured study programme and automatic recognition of study and examination achievements
    • Enhancement of the study programme through the integrated course offerings
    • Getting to know a different linguistic, cultural and university environment
    • Acquisition of intercultural competences
    • Improved opportunities on the European or international labour market
    • Exemption from tuition fees at the partner university
    • Possible support through mobility grants

    Faculty of Business Administration

    Double Degree Programme Bachelor

    Double Degree Programme Master