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De-registration ends the study:

  • upon application by the student,
  • after successful completion of studies*,
  • after definitive failure to pass an examination,
  • in case of non-registration or incomplete re-registration,
  • in the event of exceeding the deadline (standard period of study + maximum extension allowed by the Saxon Higher Education Act) or
  • in the event of non-fulfilment of other registration obligations (health insurance membership, etc.).

*This date must be entered in a form (confirmation of de-registration/discharge declaration). The form can be obtained from your faculty. The date of de-registration can be:

  • the day of defence as the last exam at HTW Dresden
  • the end of the semester in which the examination took place
  • or any day between defence and the end of the semester in which the last examination was taken.


Please note:

Submit the application for de-registration with the discharge letters and discharge declarations to the HTW Student Secretariat.



The Student Secretariat is there for you.

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