You can re-register for the next semester by paying the semester fees. Failure to re-register in due time can lead to de-registration. Please find out about the current semester fees before you re-register.

As from 2024, re-registration takes place by bank transfer only to the Hauptkasse Sachsen. You can then update your student ID card (chip and imprint) at the card printer in the foyer of the main building and download your certificate of enrolment from the QIS Portal (only after your money has been received successfully).


Payment information

Recipient: Hauptkasse Sachsen
IBAN: DE06860000000086001519
Bank: Deutsche Bundesbank
The current amount of the contribution can be found in the table to the right or shortly on the QIS portal.

1st line purpose: personal payment reference number (SBKZ) for the summer semester
2nd line purpose: registration number and name



In the case of bank transfers, the receipt of money gets registered only after approx. 6 working days. If the re-registration amount is not registered in due time, an administration fee of 10 EUR will be charged according to § 2 Para. 3 GebO (Fee Structure) of HTW Dresden.


Re-registration period

22.01.2024 - 16.02.2024

ticket changes effective as from 1 March 2024:

Please note that the student ID card NO LONGER serves as a transport ticket as from this summer semester (1 March 2024).

The new semester ticket will be available via a mobile app as a "Deutschland semester ticket".

Contribution Table

contributions / fees* full time part time distance
contribution StuRa 23,00€ 23,00€ 23,00€
contribution Studentenwerk 97,50€ 97,50€ 97,50€
german semester ticket & MOBIbike 181,38€ - -
fee distance study - - 75,00€
total 301,88€ 120,50€ 195,50€

* The fees for a second degree programme are 300 EUR, for the long term studies 500 EUR.


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