Student ID card and semester ticket

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Student ID card and semester ticket

Students of HTW Dresden get a student ID card in the form of a chip card, the hiTCard®, at the start of their studies.


The hiTCard® can be used as:


  • Student ID card
  • Library card
  • Semester ticket with a valid semester ticket imprint for using public transport in the Oberelbe transport association and Nextbike (Blue imprint on the back side)
  • Access authorisation card for entrance areas and selected laboratory areas (Access to laboratory areas is provided after identification of authorised registration numbers.)


Lost your student ID card?

Contact the Student Secretariat immediately!



The Student Secretariat is there for you.

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Questions and answers about the student ID card

Your name, registration number and library number (the latter also printed as a barcode for reading with a keyboard scanner) are visibly printed on the student ID card. A passport photo helps in the visual identification of the student. In addition, the current semester code is printed in clearly legible blue letters on the TRW strip on the back of the card. The letters printed using the thermal process can be deleted at any time and are updated when you re-register, i.e., for each semester.

The printed data and the student's photo are printed once when the chip card is personalised and given to the student when he/she registers.

Print and fill out the Application for a new student ID card.

Please make an appointment at the Student Secretariat to get a new ID card, bring the filled out application and your EC card to pay a fee of €10.00. If you cannot pay using an EC card, you can also pay in cash at the cash desk in Z 822 (please note the opening hours). You can drop the application in our mailbox. We will then inform you by email when your ID card is ready to be picked up.

After a PIN-protected electronic identification, the following administrative processes can be carried out even outside of the office hours of the Student Secretariat at a self-service terminal using the chip card:

  •     Re-registration including payment function via EC card (no credit cards)
  •     Updation of the semester code (chip and TRW strip)

The following actions can be carried out in the Student Secretariat:

  •     Renewal of the valid card imprint on the TRW strip (ThermoReadWrite)
  •     Updation of the semester imprint (incl. semester ticket)
  •     Resetting the PIN
  •     Issuing a new student ID card

If „re-registration with payment function” is used, the EC card is used in addition to the chip card by entering the EC card PIN. The amount to be paid is taken from the database depending on the student's status. This means that there is no additional confirmation of the amount paid because only the amount actually to be paid is debited and this proof is provided with the semester certificate.

With the help of the long charging mechanism, it is possible to enter current semester fees and charges in the HIS system for the semester for which the student wants to re-register. The amount to be paid is determined depending on the status of the student (distance learning, direct study, second degree, on leave, severely disabled, etc.) and displayed as a payment amount on the terminal.

Payment of the semester fee by bank transfer is still possible, but it takes about 6 days to get processed by the main cash desk because re-registration is possible only after the student has verifiably paid the semester fee and the amount has been entered in the database.

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