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Exam dates and individual registration

The examination schedule for the oral and written examinations of our foreign language modules in the next examination section can be found in the overview of the examination office. You can register for your individual oral exam times via www.ogy.de/Termine from Monday, June 17, 2024 (7:30 a.m.).

1. Timetable

In the current timetable and room planning you will find all language courses from us. Experience shows that you can navigate most purposefully if you enter the module number in the "additional courses" area, select the desired module from the suggestion list, and then click on "individual timetable".

2. Studium Integrale

Each semester, we offer numerous cross-curricular foreign language modules. Details can be found on our website for Studium Integrale.

3. Dates for Retries and Repetitions of APLs

Depending on the APLs you specify, we schedule the follow-up or repetition either in the penultimate week of lectures through integration into currently offered courses or on Wednesday in the last week of lectures. Please note the information on our electronic registration form.

4. Examination schedule for the next examination periode

You can find the examination schedule for the oral and written examinations of our foreign language modules in the respective examination section on the website of the examination office. The dates for your individual examination times are registered via OPAL.

1. Repetitions and retries of APLs 

Every semester, we offer retries and repetitions for alternative examinations (APLs) for all foreign language modules. Please note the information on our electronic registration form

2. Exam schedule & appointment registration

The examination schedule for the oral and written examinations for students of the Faculty of Business Administration and the associated deadlines for registering are published on this page as semester-specific information during the course of the semester.

3. Date of issue of topics for practical language project work

In the case of alternative examinations (APLs) in the form of a "practical language project work", the Friday of the 8th week of lectures of each semester is the date for the issue of topics. This stipulation applies to all language modules. 

4. Use of software in examinations

The use of software solutions for the translation of examinations in language teaching is only permitted if these aids are fully and correctly labeled. Looking up individual words in digital dictionaries is not critical, as it corresponds to the analogous situation that does not require labeling. However, if, for example, slide sets or term papers are translated automatically, this must be marked. Otherwise, there is a violation of the declaration of independence, as it is to be attached to all written works. Since the goal of foreign language teaching is to be able to communicate orally and in writing, extensive use of these technologies can lead to failure of the examination.

1. Language certificates

We are happy to support you with applications for a semester abroad with the relevant evidence of your acquired language skills.

  • DAAD form for semesters abroad (the same applies to comparable evidence): After successful course participation at the appropriate level, please contact us, stating all the necessary information (full name, matriculation, contact options and grading overview) and the pre-filled DAAD form to our secretariat. As a rule, the evidence can then be collected from the secretariat within two working weeks during office hours or will be emailed.
  • Standard certificates after successful course participation: Please note that proof by means of your official statement is typically sufficient.
  • Other certificates without any course participation: Thank you for your understanding that we are unfortunately unable to issue such certificates.

2. Recognition of foreign language exams

You can submit an application for recognition of foreign language exams at any time. We recommend that you submit your application as early as possible so that, in the event of rejection, you can still successfully complete the modules intended for your degree. In general, only results from previous studies at the HTW Dresden or another university can be taken into account. You will need the following documents to apply:

  • Completed application for recognition of the examination performance
  • Copy of your student ID
  • Copy of the certificate of achievement showing the specific foreign language and the level taken as well as the grades and the amount of ECTS points acquired and/or the number of hours per week in the semester. Thus, an indication such as "Foreign language 1.7" on a student account statement is not sufficient.

Please submit your complete application either by post or electronically by email in compliance with data protection regulations. Your application will usually be processed by us within one week and forwarded to the examination board of your faculty and from there to the examination office of the university.

3. Your contact persons 

General inquiries will be answered easily by Ms. Günther in the secretariat. The heads of our language groups will be happy to answer any language group-specific questions. Please address module-specific inquiries to the respective lecturer.

Additional Information


We are happy to answer your questions by e-mail, by phone on 0351 462-2074, or in office Z 708. Please note our office hours Monday to Wednesday, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and Fridays by appointment.