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Durch die Mannigfaltigkeit der Sprachen wächst unmittelbar für uns der Reichtum der Welt und die Mannigfaltigkeit dessen, was wir in ihr erkennen.

Wilhelm von Humboldt (1767-1835)

Our German Modules

We offer numerous language modules for German as a foreign language (DaF) at the levels A1 to C1 for international students and, thus, prepare you for your future tasks. The focus of our training is on the topics of studies and work.

Please consider our "Guide to German Language Courses" in OPAL.

    At the A1 to C1 levels, we offer one module per semester. All modules have a scope of 4 SWS (5 credits).

    • S030: DaF A1 I/SI (available as S101 in the winter semester)
    • S031: DaF A1 II/SI
    • S032: DaF A2 I/SI (available as S102 in the winter semester)
    • S033: DaF A2 II/SI
    • S034: DaF B1 I/SI
    • S035: DaF B1 II/SI
    • S036: DaF B2 I/SI
    • S037: DaF B2 II/SI
    • S038: DaF C1 I/SI
    • S039: DaF C1 II/SI

    In the timetable you will find the modules marked I in the winter semester; in the summer semester the modules with II. You can still take the continuation modules (II) in the winter semester and start with a new level (I) in the summer semester, as the two modules of one level are offered in combination.

    Especially for students in the master's program Environmental Engineering we offer two elective modules in the first semester, which may also be taken by other students within the framework of Studium Integrale.

    • S101: DaF B A1 I in winter semester
    • S102: DaF B A2 I in winter semester

    In the week before the beginning of the courses at the HTW Dresden, the Introduction Week for program students organized by the International Office in cooperation with the faranto e.V. This includes a placement test and information sessions on our German modules.