Faculty of Design




Honorary Professor

Name E-Mail
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axel Spickenheuer axel.spickenheuer(at)htw-dresden.de

Design Team

Design Team

Name Telephone
(0351 462 - )
Room Email Tasks
Eberlein, Michael (B.A.) 3267 U 432 Email Modelmaking workshop
Kabella, André (M.Sc.) 3208 S 544 Email physical computing, visualization, animation
Kreibich, Peter (M.A.) 3202 U 504 Email
Mahn, Volker (Dipl.-Designer (FH)) 3266 W 206 Email
Park, JeongHo (M.A.) 3203 U 504 Email Creative Coding und Prototyping App
Pierburg, Anna Constanze (Dipl.-Designerin (FH)) 3201 U 504 Email Administration, IT staff

Research Staff

Name Phone E-Mail  
Baumgarten, Katrin 0351-462 2280 katrin.baumgarten@htw-dresden.de  
Bellinger, Katharina 0351-462 2280 katharina.bellinger@htw-dresden.de  
Duteloff, Jonas 0351-462 2272 jonas.duteloff@htw-dresden.de  
Elsner, Linda 0351-462 2280 linda.elsner@htw-dresden.de  
Schlieben, Paul 0351-462 2272 paul.schlieben@htw-dresden.de  
Wahl, Ramona 0351-462 2272 ramona.wahl@htw-dresden.de  

Adjunct Lecturers

Name Field of Work E-Mail  
Baumgarten, Katrin Design Studies katrin.baumgarten@htw-dresden.de  
Elsner, Linda Three-Dimensional Repertoire linda.elsner@htw-dresden.de  
Köhler, David Design Practice david.koehler2@htw-dresden.de  
Lorenz, Anna-Luise Products in digital contexts annaluise.lorenz@htw-dresden.de  

Teaching Staff from other Faculties

Name Telephone
(0351 462 - )
Room Email Tasks
Urban-Greatorex, Kate (M.A.) 3360 Z 719 Email English
Leuschner, Heinrich (Dipl.-Kfm. (FH)) 3837 U 249 Email
Richter, Thorsten (Prof. Dr. iur.) 3303 Z 620 Email commercial law | private commercial law | labour law


The Faculty Council is responsible for all matters of fundamental importance to the faculty according to § 93 SächsHSG.

Advisory members:

  • Prof. Dr. phil. Florian Alexander Schmidt (Dean)


  • Prof. Dipl.-Des. Marcus Keichel
  • Prof. Dipl.-Des. Sebastian Schmieg
  • Prof. Dipl.-Des. (FH) Christian Scholz
  • Prof. Dipl.-Des. Diana Simon

Equal Opportunity Officer:

  • Dipl.-Kffr. Natalie Koppitz

Staff member:

  • Dipl.-Designer (FH) Volker Mahn

Student Representative:

  • Florian Zeibig

The Examination Committee is appointed by the Faculty Council and is responsible, among other things, for compliance with the examination regulations of the degree programs, the appointment of examiners and assessors, the crediting of previously completed periods of study, credits and examinations, and the decision on appeals.


  • Prof. Karen Donndorf (Chair of the Examination Board)
  • Prof. Dr. phil. Florian  Alexander Schmidt (Vice)
  • Prof. Dipl.-Formgestalterin Elke Mathiebe

Staff Member:

  • M. Sc. André Kabella

Student Representative:

  • Severin Göbel-Groß

The Faculty Council appoints a Study Commission for each degree program, which advises the Dean on the organization of teaching and study activities.


  • Prof. Dipl.-Des. (FH) Christian Scholz (Dean of Studies)
  • Prof. Dipl.-Des. (FH) Jenny Baese
  • Prof. Dr. phil. Florian Alexander Schmidt

Student Representative:

  • Paulus Donath
  • Vanessa Pelger
  • Anne Voigt

Equal Opportunity Officer:

  • Natalie Koppitz
  • Prof. Dipl.-Des. (FH) Christian Scholz (Stellvertretung)
  • Prof. Dipl.-Formgestalterin Elke Mathiebe
  • Prof. Dipl.-Des. Diana Simon (Vice)
  • Prof. Dipl.-Des. Diana Simon​​​​​​​