Faculty of Design

Studios and Workshops

The studios of the Faculty of Design are located in the seminar building of HTW Dresden. The respective semesters have access to spacious workrooms that promote exchange and joint work on projects.

At the end of each semester, the Werkschau takes place in these rooms, a show where the students present their work to the public. In addition, the faculty has a showroom in the foyer, where selected works are on display all year round.

There is a multimedia room for presentations, lectures, plenary meetings and conferences. There are meeting rooms for seminars and projects, consultations, talks with cooperation partners and guests. In addition to the university library, the faculty also has a collection design-related journals and publications.

For students, the studios are accessible with the electronic student card during the regular opening hours of the HTW.

Photo Studio

[Translate to English:] Studierende im Fotostudio

In the photo studio, the design students learn the handling of professional camera and lighting equipment and deepen their knowledge of photographic design possibilities and image processing techniques. From general exploration of photographic approaches, portrait and product photography, to the documentation of design projects, reproductions and digitisation, the studio offers many possibilities.

Support in all photographic matters is offered by the studio manager and tutors. Cameras, tripods, lighting equipment and other accessories can be borrowed.

The studio is accessible by appointment. A condition for using the studio and for borrowing equipment is the participation in the safety instructions.

M.A. Peter Kreibich

Leiter Fotostudio

Interaction Studio

[Translate to English:] Arduino Hardware Hacking

Making, hacking, coding – the Interaction Studio offers space and equipment for working on explorative interaction design projects.

Basic equipment for physical computing such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi, sensors, actuators and soldering stations, workbenches, hand tools and small electric tools as well as a multifilament 3D printer for quick prototyping are available. Mobile applications can be realised and tested with tablets and smartphones. AI kits are ready for use and VR technology is in the process of being acquired. Some modules are located directly here, courses are a fixed offer, but independent, project-related, professionally supported work is also possible.

M.Sc. André Kabella

Model-making Workshops

[Translate to English:] 3D Drucker der Modellbauwerkstatt

Visual models and material design prototypes are an irreplaceable component of product design. In our spacious workshops in Schubertstrasse (directly at the campus), the processing of all common model-making materials is possible at a professional level. Here you will find a pool of high-quality machines for manual material processing, as well as state-of-the-art CNC-controlled machines and 3D printers. The competent workshop management supports students in the planning of model making, as well as in the safe and professional handling of the machinery. Participation in the relevant introductory courses and safety briefings is mandatory for the use of the machinery.


B.A. Michael Eberlein

Dipl.-Designer (FH) Volker Mahn

[Translate to English:] Holzwerkstatt

Contact: Model-making Workshops

Andreas-Schubert-Straße 21

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Head of the Model-making Workshops:

B.A. Michael Eberlein

Phone: +49 351 462 3267