Faculty of Electrical Engineering

A six-legged walking robot transports a beer glass.

We control this ...

Portrait from the 2-D-Plotter

Portrait from the 2-D-Plotter

Beer foam control

beer foam control

Hexapod - walking robot

Hexapod - walking robot

Balancing a pendulum

balancing a pendulum

Your portrait from the 2D plotter

Let yourself be photographed and watch as an analogue 2D plotter draws your face, almost without detaching. We give you the drawing as a gift. But how can a face be drawn from just a few lines? We control this . . .

Stick balancing

In the outdoor area, find out which stick you can balance better on the hand.

Then take a look in the lab and see how an automatic control can do this. We control this ...

Adjust the height of the beer foam

The beer foam decomposes quite quickly. But we want a constant foam height. How can this “problem” be solved? Let us explain which components are required for this. Experience live how the foam height is kept constant. We control this ...

Hexapod - walking robot

And it does run - a walking robot can support us in many ways. But how does the technology work in it? How do the legs need to be coordinated to maintain balance and allow for the fastest possible movement? What looks simple in the end often involves very complex technology. We control this ...