Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Microcomputing technology

Room: L216

Phone: +49 351 462-3499

Laboratory microcomputing technology
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Key training areas:

  • Design and mode of operation of microcomputer structures
  • Programming and handling of microcontrollers (µC)
  • TCP/IP-based LAN communication
  • Data communication on the basis of microcontrollers


  • Networked PC pool (Hardware basis are AMD Ryzen processors, Operating systems: Win, Linux (Ubuntu/Mint))
  • Software development systems for 8/16/32-bit microcontrollers, programming language support for C and assembly technology
  • Software development systems for i8086-based use, programming language support for C++, C, Java
  • Software-based network diagnostic tools for LAN and fieldbus communication systems (Profibus, CAN)
  • Microcontroller prototype boards with RS-232, RS-485 and CAN coupling
  • Electrical measurement components

Using 8Bit, 16Bit and 32Bit microcontrollers, the effects of different computer architectures are investigated. In connection with different network technologies, such as TCP/IP/Ethernet and field bus technologies (Profibus, CAN), problems of data communication in connection with real-time aspects are presented and investigated.

Supervising professor and laboratory engineer