Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Power electronics

Room: L 222

Phone: +49 351 462-2717

Power electronics laboratory
HTW Dresden/Fröde

The power electronics laboratory is used in student training for extensive acquisition and in-depth knowledge of this area. The subject of investigation is primarily power electronic circuits. The extensive equipment with power supplies that can be adapted to different tasks, a modular didactic system and modern measuring technology benefit.

The existing experimental facilities are used not only for practical training in basic and advanced courses, but also and above all for the preparation of project, bachelor, diploma and master theses and, in addition, for research and development tasks.

Research areas and service portfolio

  • Theoretical and practical investigations on converter network perturbations
  • Development of programs for measurement and control tasks (preferably LabVIEW)
  • Advice and expert opinion on problems in power electronics
  • Processing of operational tasks as internship, project, diploma or master theses
  • Studies on the application of modern power electronic components
  • Analysis and design of components and complex systems of power electronics
  • Development of control and regulation devices based on microcontrollers

Supervising professors and laboratory engineers