Faculty of Electrical Engineering

System design

Room: L 216, L 217

Phone: +49 351 462-3499

Laboratory system design
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The system design laboratory is mainly used for the practical course "System Design", which is offered in the 7th semester for the Bachelor's and Diploma studies of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

The aim of this practical course is the design of different circuits for a board with a programmable circuit. Specifically, 10 workstations with the Basys3 board (Digilent, Artix-7-FPGA) including some additional components and measurement technology are available in the laboratory.

The design of digital circuits is strongly supported by EDA tools (Electronic Design Automation). During the practical course, the Xilinx development tools (Vivado) will be used to design the circuits. The simulator for the verification of the designs as well as the synthesis tools for the implementation on the board play a central role.
Last but not least, the designs are of course also tested on the board during the course.


Supervising professors and laboratory engineers