Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Switchgear technology

Practical investigations

  • Thermal
  • Dielectric
  • Mechanical

Software development

  • DGA
  • Magnetic field calculation
  • Mechanical load
  • Pressure calculation in the event of an arc fault
  • Cable calculation
  • Heating calculation

Theoretical investigations

  • Ansys
  • Heating network
  • Pressure calculation
  • Magnetic field calculation

Research topics

The research work in high current and switchgear technology deals with the following topics, among others:

  • Improving the nominal current carrying capacity of medium-voltage switchgear through the use of heat pipes
  • Development of a solid-insulated busbar system with silicone as an insulating material for medium voltage
  • Development of a control panel module
  • Studies on the heating of gas-insulated pipelines
  • Investigation of the aging behavior of contact systems in AC and DC
  • Increasing the current carrying capacity of generator circuit breakers
  • Heating of large transformers
  • Design of point heaters