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Contract Research and Services

Do you need support with the development of new products and processes or with the introduction of management processes and systems? Are you looking for experts for studies and analyses? Are you looking for partners for an interdisciplinary research project? HTW Dresden supports you at eight faculties in three research profile lines - from individual laboratory analysis to complex multi-year development projects. Use the contact form to send us your inquiry or contact us directly!


Special fields at the faculties

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    Civil Engineering

    Building materials, railway construction, geotechnics, structural engineering, road construction, water engineering

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    Product and communication design

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    Electrical Engineering

    Elect. Machines & Drives, Electrostatics, Railways & Systems, Vehicle Electronics, Switchgear, Signal Processing, Semiconductors, (Mobile) Radio, RTLS

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    Spacial Information

    BIM, GIS, 3D modelling, surveying and geodesy

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    Artificial Intelligence, Human-Machine Interaction, Industry 4.0, Surface Calculation, Modeling & Simulation, Smart Production

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    Chemical Engineering, Horticulture, Environmental Monitoring & Landscape Development, Organic Farming, Animal Husbandry & Breeding, Bio-based Plastics

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    Mechanical Engineering

    Drive and energy technology, assistance systems, automotive parts and engines, air and refrigeration technology, sensor technology, accident R&D

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    Business Administration

    SME, Human Factor and Resources, Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0, Technology Transfer, Corporate Governance, Entrepreneurship

Weitere Dokumente/ Antragsformulare finden Sie hier: https://www.htw-dresden.de/en/contract-services

More information can be found in our research information system

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Our Services

  • Research of suitable scientific expertise at the HTW Dresden for your project
  • Coordination and communication of appointments from the first meeting to the project calculation
  • Advice on intellectual property rights and licences

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