Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Research, Meetings, Conferences

Research at the faculty is very broadly based. The spectrum ranges from larger projects, funded by the federal government, the state of Saxony or the EU, to industrial co-operations and smaller industrial direct orders. This means that research plays an important role alongside teaching.
The connection between research and teaching is realized by the inclusion of research results in corresponding teaching contents. In addition, students are frequently involved in research projects in the form of student assistants, supporting documents or diploma thesis.

Electron Beam Unit (left); International Rail Vehicle Conference (right)
HTW Dresden / Sebb
Electron Beam Unit (left); International Rail Vehicle Conference (right)

Research Institute of Automotive Engineering (FIF)
The FIF has a high value for the research activities of the faculty. Within the framework of interdisciplinary research projects, scientists from different departments of the university work together.

Scientific Events
The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering regularly organizes a number of conferences and meetings itself. This promotes scientific exchange and the external presentation of the Faculty.

Prof. Dr. agr. Knut Schmidtke

Prorector for Research and Development

Büro Prorektor Forschung: Z 259

Prof. Dr. agr. Knut Schmidtke

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eckehard Kullig

Research Representative of the Faculty

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eckehard Kullig

Foundation at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

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