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Professorship Joining Technology

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gunther Goebel is currently holding the professorship for "Joining Technology". He also holds the position as Vice Rector for Research and Technology Transfer.

Background: Technical devices and their parts are getting more and more complex, especially in regard to the materials involved. This trend can not only be seen in modern vehicles or machinery but also in household appliances. As a result, joining is more complex, as different materials are usually more difficult to join reliably. This is especially true when it comes to welding. Welding know-how involves knowledge from several science areas: material science, arc and plasma physics, process know-how and surface technologies are typically involved. Furthermore, ecological and financial aspects need to be considered when designing a new joining process.

Vita:  After graduation as mechanical engineer at the TU-Dresden in 2002, Prof. Göbel worked as a research fellow at CLFA (Coopération Laser Franco-Allemande) in Paris. He subsequently joined the Fraunhofer Society as a research assistant and became team leader for "special joining technologies" in the Fraunhofer Institute IWS in Dresden in 2009. He holds a PhD as Dr.-Ing. from the TU Dresden (2008, topic: laser beam welding of hot-cracking sensitive materials,  grade: summa cum laude). He was appointed to the professorship at the HTW Dresden in 2014 and serves as Vice Rector since 2020.

Current research areas:

  • beam welding (laser, electron-beam)
  • solid state welding techniques (pulse welding, friction-stir-welding)
  • biopolymer and metal+biopolymer hybrid joining
  • virtual-reality based "immersive" teaching

The following lectures and courses are offered by the professorship „Fügetechnik“

  • Fügetechnik (Joining Technology)

  • Fertigungstechnik (Manufacturing Engineering, with focus on joining)

  • Oberflächen- und Beschichtungstechnik (Surface and Coating Technologies)

  • Produktionstechnik (Production Engineering)

  • Innovation in Industry and Transportation

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gunther Göbel

Bereich Produktionstechnik

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gunther Göbel