Campus with child

Baby changing tables

Diaper changing facilities can be found at the following locations:

  • Quiet room in the foyer of the Z-building (ask the porter for the key)
  • Library (Campus Friedrich-List-Platz)
  • Teaching building P1 (Pillnitz Campus), ladies' room first floor
  • Reichenbachstraße refectory

Rest rooms

You will find rest rooms at the Friedrich-List-Platz campus and at the Pillnitz campus, where there is also the possibility of breastfeeding:

  • Z-building (first floor foyer Z 130)
  • N-building (first floor N 105)
  • Library (first floor B 110)
  • P2 building in Pillnitz (laboratory building Mitschurinbau, second floor, P2 110A)

Mobile game box

HTW Dresden provides equipment for small children and toys in the mobile play boxes. These can be borrowed and taken to the workplace and/or to suitable rooms on campus to care for a child on site.

The toy boxes are available in the rest rooms of the library, the Z-building and at the Pillnitz site with slightly different equipment. The box with the most toys is provided by the library. Essentially, toys, coloring materials and books for children of various ages, travel cribs with mattresses, nursing pillows, and folding changing tables and changing pads are available. An inventory list is included with the toy box.

The library also has children's books and seat cushions to check out during your visit. Click here for the child-friendly library.

These opportunities are offered to both students and employees.


Children in the canteen

At the Studentenwerk Dresden, all little guests are welcome in the refectories. For children of preschool age, there is a so-called "children's plate" that is filled with treats for only 1 Euro. High chairs are available in all dining halls for the very young.


Living with a child - Offers of the Studentenwerk

The diverse forms of housing in the houses of the Studentenwerk also offer good living conditions for students with children. Both student mothers and fathers and student couples with children are welcome.

Even if one partner is not studying (anymore), but they have a child under the age of seven, you can live in the dormitory as a family.

Living with a child - Offers of the Studentenwerk