Organization of studies

Compensation for disadvantages

Application and selection process

Applications for disadvantage compensation can lead to an improvement of the average grade of the HZB. Special personal reasons for which you are not responsible and which have had a detrimental effect on the average grade of the HZB are taken into account. The application must be supported by medical certificates, evidence of the performance history in the form of school reports, notices from authorities or other documents suitable for proof.

On the other hand, applications for compensation for disadvantages can have a more favorable effect on the crediting of the waiting period. Special personal reasons for which you are not responsible (e.g. illness, change of school) that have had a detrimental effect on the waiting period are taken into account. The application must be supported by medical certificates, notices from authorities or other documents suitable as evidence.

All information about disadvantage compensation can be found here.


Students on parental leave or with childcare or nursing responsibilities may be entitled to compensation for disadvantages in individual cases. The same applies to students on maternity leave who have agreed to take examinations during the protection period. This can be used to compensate for the disadvantage they suffer when taking the examination as a result of pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare or care duties, e.g. through longer processing time or a different type of examination.

Further Information can be found in the Information sheet for disadvantage compensation (German only).

Leave of absence

Pregnant women and students with children can apply for a leave of absence from their studies at the Student Secretariat.

Students with children are entitled to a total of six additional semesters of leave to care for children ("educational semesters") during the first eight years of the child's life. Both parents can also take leave from their studies at the same time without reducing their total entitlement to semesters of leave. Theoretically, both parents can therefore be granted leave of absence for 6 semesters at the same time for educational reasons. A copy of the birth certificate must be submitted as part of the application process. The application for leave of absence can also be applied for several semesters.

Please note that re-registration is also required for each semester of leave.

Before applying for a semester of leave, it is advisable to check individually what the consequences of submitting a semester of leave will be. In general, the leave of absence has the following consequences:

  • Semesters of leave count as university semesters, but not as subject semesters
  • According to the SächsHSFG, study and examination achievements can also be made during the leave of absence (Attention! If you are receiving ALG II, you are not allowed to perform study and examination achievements)
  • the BAföG payment is interrupted; the maximum funding period is extended by the number of semesters of leave of absence
  • the compulsory insurance in the student health insurance continues, provided that there is at most a marginal employment

The Student Service will advise you on all questions concerning the semester off.

Part-time study

In part-time studies, the study schedule is stretched, i.e. the modules are divided from one to two or from two to three semesters. This extends the duration of the study program and reduces the workload per semester, thus leaving more time for family commitments or (part-time) jobs.

As part of the audit "family-friendly university", opportunities for part-time studying were created at HTW Dresden: On 17.08.2015, the regulations on part-time studies at HTW Dresden came into force. It regulates the requirements, scope, legal consequences and procedure of part-time studies.

Please note that part-time study is currently not eligible for BAföG funding.

For more information on part-time study, click here.

Family-friendly study plan and timetable

The study plan (part of the study regulations) is a recommendation. You can deviate from this plan by agreeing on an individual study plan together with your responsible Dean of Studies.

Here you can find the deans of studies.


Students with family obligations have the option of contacting the Schedule and Space Planning Office well in advance of the start of the semester so that, if feasible, individual classes are not scheduled in the early or late hours.