Accessibility on Campus

HTW Dresden, in cooperation with the Saxon State Real Estate and Construction Management, is constantly striving to remove existing structural barriers on campus and to ensure structural accessibility in all construction measures.

Here you can find out more about our barrier-free parking spaces, entrances, elevators, toilets, rooms and quiet rooms.



Important information at a glance


  • A barrier-free parking lot is located behind the A-building.

B-Building / Library:

  • Two barrier-free parking spaces are located behind the library.


  • One barrier-free parking space is located behind the K building.


  • One barrier-free parking space is located in front of the main entrance.


  • Three barrier-free parking spaces are located next to the barrier-free entrance B.


  • Unfortunately, due to a construction site, the barrier-free parking spaces in the service yard behind the Z building are currently not available.


  • Unisex restroom: A 120

B-Building / Library:

  • Unisex restroom: B 207 and B 307

K building

  • Unisex toilet: K 120


  • Unisex restroom: first floor


  • Unisex toilet: N 219 and N 322

P1 building:

  • Unisex toilet: P1-122

PN building:

  • Unisex toilet: PN-004

S building:

  • Ladies' restroom: S 109
  • Men's toilet: S 209


  • Ladies' restroom: Z 346 and Z 810
  • Men's restroom: Z 548

B-building / library:

  • Rest room: B 110


  • Rest room: N 105 (The room is closed, please report to the building's first aiders).

P2 building (Pillnitz):

  • Rest room: P2-110 A


  • Rest room: Z 130 (The room is closed, please report to the security service on the first floor).


If you have any questions about accessibility on campus, please contact inklusion(at)