Technical tools

Mobile tables in lecture halls

Movable tables are provided in five lecture halls. These can be moved on castors, are height-adjustable and have a tilting table top.

Tables are available in these rooms:

  • Z 208
  • Z 211
  • Z 254
  • Z 308
  • Z 312

Hearing assistance systems

A hearing loop can be used in the first five rows of the Audimax lecture hall (S 239).

Other rooms are equipped with a hearing assistance system that can be connected to listeners' devices via the Sennheiser Mobile Connect app.
These rooms include: S 239, L 211, Z 107, Z 254, Z 308, Z 407 and PN 001.

A case with a mobile hearing system will soon be available to borrow.

Mobile screen reader

A portable, foldable screen reader is available for all visually impaired library users. It can be borrowed free of charge from the information desk on the first floor of the Central Library for use in the library on an hourly basis (maximum one day).

Technical details: Full colour setting, autofocus, false colour settings, image optimization function, rotatable, high-resolution Full HD camera, 15.6" Full HD widescreen monitor in 16:9 format with approx. 39.3 cm diagonal, energy-saving and high-contrast LED lighting, battery operation possible.

Library contact person


Lockers are available at various locations on campus. Students with disabilities can use these as additional storage space for heavy study materials, personal aids, medical supplies or similar.
To use a locker, please submit a request to the contact person at your faculty.

Document: Request for a locker (PDF)

Faculty (location of the locker): Contact person
Faculty of Civil Engineering (Z 455, S 028): Manuela Waldau and Liane Ruttloff 
Faculty of Design (S 415): Katja Gärtner
Faculty of Electrical Engineering (S 116): Ariane Glöckner
Faculty of Agriculture / Environment / Chemistry (N 010): Sylke Mücke

If your faculty is not listed, please ask the secretary's office of your faculty for a filing option.

Evacuation chairs for the mobility-impaired

In the event of a necessary evacuation, some escape chairs are available for people with mobility impairments.

  • A - Building: next to A 424
  • Library: 4th floor to the left of the elevator
  • K - Building: in K 209
  • N - Building: 4th floor in the anteroom of the restroom
  • PN - Building: in PN 101
  • S - Building: next to S 215 and S 515
  • Z - Building: 7th floor by the elevator, 8th floor by the elevator (2 units), 9th floor by the elevator


If you have any questions about technical aids, please contact inklusion(at)