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Taktiles Sehen

Project Description

The digital (r)evolution has an impact on all areas of our lives. The Internet of Things is penetrating our environment and connecting it. Countless sensors register every change in our environment. Visual displays indicate dangers, output numbers and states, and overwhelm us with a wealth of information. But communication with the (digital) environment can also take place via other senses.

The sense of touch is the most basic human sense, without which we could not survive in the real world. It is excellently suited to absorb information quickly and in complex form.

The aim of the joint project is to analyze the feasibility of a tactile data interface for information transfer. This should provide humans with information without visual distraction. This can be particularly interesting for everyday living and working environments as well as for workplaces with increased danger or for activities in the field of health monitoring.

The aim should be to transmit information that cannot be displayed visually under the above-mentioned boundary conditions or that cannot be temporarily absorbed by people with their sense of sight.


Cooperation Partner

Smart Material GmbH Dresden

Website:Smart-Material GmbH

Key Data

Responsible Person

Projektleiter: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gunther Naumann
Teilprojektleiter/Mitarbeiter: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Freitag


04.2019 – 12.2021

Funding Body

SMWK – Sächsisches Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft, Kultur und Tourismus